Sarah Palin: Beyond Creationism

WE SAID that our previous post about Palin, the one just before the debate, might be our last on that subject. Perhaps it should have been, but you still want to be entertained. That creates a difficulty for us.

The “Palin is a creationist” topic seems to be pretty much played out, except for the endlessly recycled although often-refuted rumors that will probably never die. So we went looking into sources that we’ve heretofore ignored. After today, we shall continue ignoring them.

At the World Socialist Web Site, we read US vice-presidential debate: A window on the right-wing character of an Obama-Biden administration.

That’s quite a title! Those people are even crazier than creationists. Here are some excerpts:

The event [the Palin-Biden debate] did reveal the contours of a future Obama-Biden administration as one that will undertake whatever measures are required to defend the interests of the American corporate elite in both domestic and foreign policy.

Wow! There’s a perspective we haven’t seen before. More:

This was particularly the case on foreign policy, where Biden repeatedly sought to attack McCain and Palin from the right. He reiterated Obama’s call for military strikes against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan and for a greatly increased US military presence in Afghanistan.

Jeepers, Obama and Biden are right-wingers! Who knew? Anyway, here’s the article’s mention of creationism, which makes it marginally appropriate for our humble blog:

One of the most significant aspects of the vice presidential debate was what was not discussed—Palin’s ultra-right-wing views, grounded in an evangelical version of Christian fundamentalism. According to press accounts, Palin has expressed the belief that men and dinosaurs shared the Earth 6,000 years ago (just after Biblical creation), and she advocates the teaching of creationism in public schools.

Okay, enough of that. Turning now to another previously unexplored source, at the website of something called the Tampa Bay Examiner, we read: Hustler porn video ‘Nailin’ Paylin’ stars Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin.

We won’t give you any excerpts. It’s creepy enough just posting the link — which we suspect many of you will be unable to resist. Our excuse for this unprecedented lapse in taste is that news which is usually of interest here is slow on weekends. We’ll be shocked — shocked! — if it generates any increase in traffic. From now on we’ll stick to our usual subject matter.

No doubt you’re wondering: Who in the world is the Tampa Bay Examiner? We clicked around and found this link at the bottom of the page: Join Examiner, where they say:, an innovative online local news and information source, is looking for folks in local markets across the country who enjoy informing others about subjects they love. They are the backbone of, they are magazine writers, bloggers, housewives, Ph.Ds, college students and others. … Excited to be an Examiner? You’ll join hundreds – and soon, thousands – of others who have accepted our call for local knowledge. And it’s really pretty simple, too. If you can write three concise, timely and relevant posts each week in your topic of choice, then we want to hear from you.

So, wannabe journalists, don’t say this blog hasn’t done anything for you. Now you know that it’s a strange world out there, and maybe there’s a whole new career in it for you.

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2 responses to “Sarah Palin: Beyond Creationism

  1. mightyfrijoles

    You are a sick curmudgeon. First there was Miss Piggy and now there’s Lisa, although the wrong one.

  2. Never complain, never explain.