Discovery Institute: Three Equals Zero

A RIDICULOUS series of articles by Casey Luskin is appearing on the blog of the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). This is the latest episode: Banned Book Week and Intelligent Design Part 3: Another Darwinist Law Professor Supports Censorship of Pro-ID Views.

If you missed the first two articles in this series you haven’t missed much, and if you also skip Part 3 you won’t be sorry — thus, our title. Basically, Casey is foot-stamping mad again. This time it’s because some librarians want to prevent pro-ID creationist books from entering their school’s library collection.

We’ve earlier suggested that librarians may be Louisiana’s last line of defense against the madness of creationism which was recently authorized by their legislature: Louisiana’s “No Kin to Monkeys” Act — Phase II. Apparently the Discoveroids consider librarians to be a potentially serious impediment to the avalanche of ignorance they plan to unload on the schools of America.

Schools have limited budgets, and they can’t buy every book that comes along. Librarians have to use their professional judgment in deciding what belongs on their shelves. They don’t do this whimsically. Professional organizations offer reliable book reviews, and there are learned societies that sometimes give their endorsement to various titles. It’s a safe bet that none of these books has received the endorsement of any reputable scientific organization: Discovery Institute: Their Recommended Reading List.

We think it’s entirely appropriate for librarians to reject creationist (and ID) books, just as they should reject astrology books, UFO abduction books, etc. The Discoveroids call this “censorship” when it applies to their thinly-disguised version of creation science. Fiction is one thing, junk science is another. Librarians know the difference, and the Discoveroids are worried about it.

Anyway, another reason we’re writing this is because of something in the third part of Casey’s series. There’s a prominently posted graphic there. It seems to be Casey’s clever way of fighting back against Judge John E. Jones III, the splendid jurist who wrote the opinion in Kitzmiller et al. v Dover Area School District et al. back in 2005.

Lest the Discoveroids accuse us of plagiarism, we won’t post a copy of Casey’s graphic. This is the text:

Judge Jones said it. I believe it. That settles it.

That is, of course, an attempted parody of this often-seen cartoon belittling creationists. Alas, producing good parody requires talent.

Sorry, Casey.

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2 responses to “Discovery Institute: Three Equals Zero

  1. I’m not so sure ‘Swing and a miss’ Luskin doesn’t have a point here. If the library already has or is currently considering books on naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, crystal/pyramid power, astrology, psychic healing, UFOs, etc., then there is obviously room for one more book in the pseudoscience section.

    They are essential for critical thinking/philosophy classes.

  2. bsharp55 says:

    If the library already has or is currently considering books on naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, crystal/pyramid power, astrology, psychic healing, UFOs, etc. …

    Yes, Discoveroid volumes belong on that shelf.