AIG’s Top 10 Myths About Evolution

YOU WANT the truth? Can you handle the truth? Really? Okay, as a public service, we bring you The Truth from the geniuses at Answers in Genesis. Here you go: Top 10 Myths About Evolution.

In the presence of such wisdom, our fingers tremble at the keyboard. Before we swoon and black out from all this intellectual excitement, we can present you with only a few excerpts. It is our sincere hope that this will encourage you to click over to this rich source of information where you can — at last! — achieve the knowledge you’ve always sought but never found:

Myth 8: There Are Clear Transitional Fossils

Scientists must make reasonable assumptions based on what they believe about the past and extrapolations from the data. Without an objective source of information, these assumptions are often tied to the subjective evolutionary worldview. Creation scientists, on the other hand, see the fossil record as evidence for both a global Flood and also the amazing diversity of the original created “kinds.”

Now you understand! Scientists have no “objective source of information,” so it’s all “tied to the subjective evolutionary worldview.” Here’s another nugget:

Myth 7: Ape-Human DNA Similarities

Though there are similarities between apes and humans, this too is strong evidence for a common Designer, who gave humanity characteristics unlike any other creature He made.

Isn’t this great? We’ll give you one more, and then you’re on your own:

Myth 5: Bad Design

If we look around us (and even in our own bodies), there are many structures that seem to show less-than-optimal design. What this means to some evolutionists is that this proves there is no creator. After all, a creator as intelligent as God would not have made imperfect designs.

Debunking this myth requires very little effort. First of all, how can humans judge what is optimal design? … Also, we would hardly expect a universe that has been cursed with degeneration for over 6,000 years to maintain optimal design.

So, Darwinist fools — before it’s too late — wake up!

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