Sarah Palin: Creationism Update (09 Oct)

IT’S ALL BEEN said several times before, so lately we’ve had little to do keeping up with the “Palin is a creationist” issue. But we’ve found an article that seems to touch on all the issues, not just creationism.

In the Tucson Citizen we read Ex-Alaskan proud of Palin. [Stupid link! While proof-reading, we find that the link takes you to a registration page; but we can still access the article via Google. No matter, we’ve excerpted what we wanted.]

This isn’t the typical “letter to the editor.” It’s more like a guest editorial, at the end of which we’re informed that the writer, “Andrew Tuohy, a registered Independent, was graduated last year from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in political science.” Here’s a bit of what he says:

I feel pride in knowing Sarah Palin stands a good chance of becoming vice president.

He doesn’t waste any time telling you where he stands. That’s nice, but we want to know about the issues — like book banning:

I have fond memories of checking many books out of the Wasilla, Alaska, library during Palin’s term as mayor there. My only complaint was that I was could check out only a limited number of books at one time.

I was never aware of any book banning because Palin never asked the librarian to remove any books. She fired the librarian – the same day that she fired the police chief – because she felt she didn’t have their support on key issues.

This was not related to banned books; in the librarian’s case, it was due to her opposition to Palin’s plan to merge the library and city museum. The librarian changed her position and was rehired.

Okay, but what about Sarah’s creationism?

Palin never said schools should teach creationism; she has only said teachers should be allowed to discuss it if a student brings it up in class. That’s a reasonable position, and I am a firm believer in evolution.

If only the “mainstream” press could figure it out. But they keep repeating the earliest stories they can find, about her one “teach both” comment, and they deliberately ignore the restatement she made shortly thereafter, and the fact that she never behaved like a malignant creationist after she was in office.

The writer discusses almost every campaign issue, but we’re already mentioned the topics which are relevant to this blog: creationism and book-banning. Now we’ll wrap it up with his concluding line, which makes no sense unless you read the entire article:

There’s a lot of Teddy Roosevelt in Sarah Palin.

But to follow our link you will need to register at the Tucson Citizen‘s website. Why would anyone want to do that? If we had known about their registration policy before we wrote this article, we wouldn’t have used them as a source.

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5 responses to “Sarah Palin: Creationism Update (09 Oct)

  1. mightyfrijoles

    Slow day in BlogLand?

  2. Yes, really slow. No news at all — a least nothing that fits in here. Be patient.

  3. retiredsciguy

    Since it was such a slow day, I’ll interject a comment that has no relevance to any discussion here, but I’ll stick it in anyway.

    Just had dinner tonight with Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana. Sat next to him, actually, and had plenty of opportunity to talk. All I’ll say that matters is I wish he was the 70+ year-old Republican senator running for president.

    He’s a good man. Perhaps too smart to want to be president, but a good man, nonethe less.

  4. I never knew much about Lugar. He was highly respected back in his day, but I wasn’t paying attention to him. Unless you met him socially, I assume you were at a GOP fundraiser. Head table. Sounds expensive.

  5. mightyfrijoles

    He was the waiter 🙂