Creationist Wisdom: Example Eight — The Dumbest Ever!

TODAY’S EXAMPLE of creationist wisdom is from the Amarillo Globe-News, which carries this in its Letters section: Where is truth in evolution-creation debate?

As is our custom with such matters, we’ll copy the letter in its entirety, omitting only the writer’s name and city. We may add a bit of bold — and sometimes color — for emphasis. We’ll also add our own commentary between the quoted paragraphs. Here it is:

Some university scientists pleaded recently with the Texas Legislature not to let the ideas of intelligent design challenge the currently taught evolutionary theory in our classrooms.

True. Got a problem with that?

Evolution, which teaches there is no God, does not give any explanation about how the universe came about. It does not answer the main question: Where did matter and life come from?

Can this thing possibly get any worse? Yes! Read on:

When you take the principles of evolution and apply them to the real world, you end up with Hitler and communism, which forms the foundation of their world views.

Yeah, right. However, if anyone reading this is confused on that point, go here now: Debating Creationists: The Big Lie.

We read on:

America needs to be reminded that scientists and the government do not always know what is right and wrong. Just because the Legislature and some professors say there is no God and we evolved from monkeys, that does not make it true.

Hey, toad-brain! The legislatures are trying to suppress evolution in favor of creationism.

Here’s more:

It is a shame that parents must re-teach the untruths that their children are taught at school each day.

Your kids, whom you are condemning to a life of minimum-wage toil, will be forever grateful. No doubt about it. And now, finally, we come to the end of this mess:

Evolution which is based on the “Survival of the Fittest,” is hard to live out in real life. Where does compassion fit in this theory? Do we really teach our children that they are just above a monkey and they came from nothing or a one-cell animal? Where is the truth?

[Name and city omitted]

As always in such matters, we’re left speechless.

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6 responses to “Creationist Wisdom: Example Eight — The Dumbest Ever!

  1. moribundhund

    I still wish you’d commented on the way stupider Editorial they ran in the Austin-American Statesman. This was shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. mightyfrijoles

    Hey Curmy:

    All toads in the world are angry for you lowering them to this level. You will pay!

  3. True. Toads are cool.

  4. That was so ridiculous I actually had to comment on that site.

  5. I read your comment. Very good, but … well, it won’t help the letter-writer. He’s lost in his own world.

  6. I’m sure you are right, but maybe…just MAYBE…some other creationist will read it and, at the very least, realize that most of the arguments they were taught against evolution MAY not be correct.