Sarah Palin: Creationism Update (13 Oct)

WE HAVE FREQUENTLY commented about inaccurate reporting by the “mainstream” media concerning Sara Palin’s creationist views and how they might affect her conduct in office. Indeed, we recently said that reporting Sarah Palin’s position on evolution has become our litmus test for determining whether a newspaper is at least trying to be accurate or is just spewing talking points.

In Forbes we read Airhead Zealot, which discusses the same mis-reporting phenomenon, but the author carries matters much further than we have done. Here (the bold font is in the original article) are some excerpts:

Here is a glossary of the judgment passed on Sarah Palin–mostly, though not exclusively, by liberal commentators. I have curated a collection from material available on the Internet, and have provided links to each reference. There is much pleasure–and, often, displeasure–to be had from clicking through to the original sources.

Yes, the author gives a link for each of his examples. We’ll omit the links (you can click over to the article to find them for yourselves), but here are some of his examples:

A is for airhead, per blogger Paul Mulshine and writer Charles Wohlforth.


C is for Caribou Barbie, a put-down now in wide circulation, but believed to have been coined by radio host Stephanie Miller. Copyright for Christian Stepford Wife, however, rests with Cintra Wilson.

He runs through the whole alphabet, and — thanks to the vigor and virulence of the blogosphere — without missing a letter. But here are the two of special interest to our blog:

E is for extremist, a comment mostly excited, in the blogosphere, by perceptions of her religious views; which brings us to …

F for fanatic who wants Creationism taught in schools , which may be why the normally equable David Brooks describes her as representing a fatal cancer to the Republican Party.

We may as well give you the last one, as it’s part of the Forbes article’s title:

Z, predictably, is for zealot — “but a fun zealot.” Thank you, Maureen Dowd, for that last bit of leavening.

It’s a great political season. Entertainment for everyone!

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6 responses to “Sarah Palin: Creationism Update (13 Oct)

  1. Every educated person knows that hydrogen turns into human beings if left alone. How can anyone not realize that simple fact? Kudos, sir, for your courageous advances in the name of science.

  2. What the heck does your first sentence have to do with, oh, anything?

  3. It’s okay, sometimes people need to vent. But it takes more than hydrogen. Pixie dust, gently sprinkled by the Intelligent Designer, is essential.

  4. mightyfrijoles

    It’s true if you consider the nuclear reactions in the sun.

  5. I ain’t no kin to no Hidrojin atom!

  6. megalonyx says:

    I ain’t no kin to no Hidrojin atom!

    The ultimate case of special creation.