Kenneth Miller Speech at Wittenberg University

SOMETIMES we read about events we wish we had witnessed for ourselves. In the Springfield News-Sun, of Springfield, Ohio, we read Biologist defends evolution: ‘Theories are built on facts’. Some excerpts:

The author and scientist spoke [at Wittenberg University] about evolution and intelligent design Monday night, Oct. 13, at the Bayley Auditorium, as part of the university’s 2008-09 Witt Series, and far more people turned out for the lecture than could fit in the small auditorium. Students sat on steps, on the floor and in the aisles. Others crowded the entranceways.

It’s interesting that the venue for the speech, Wittenberg University, is described by Wikipedia as “a private, four-year liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.” Miller certainly doesn’t shy away from religious audiences.

Who is Kenneth Miller? You may not have heard of him, but the creationists have. The article says:

A professor of biology at Brown University, Miller is a vocal opponent of teaching intelligent design in classrooms. He is perhaps best-known as the leading witness in two federal court cases on the issue.

Right. Those are Selman v. Cobb County School District, where a Georgia school district decided to put warning stickers on their biology textbooks; and the better-known Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

What did Miller have to say at Wittenberg University? We read:

In his Wittenberg presentation, titled “Finding Darwin’s God,” Miller said the scientific case for intelligent design, which he called a “purely religious doctrine masquerading as science,” has collapsed.

“Even the most fervent advocates of intelligent design admit that it’s a scientific failure,” he said.

That must have been an interesting moment. Here’s a bit more:

Miller nonetheless called intelligent design a public relations success. He cited as evidence the Republican presidential candidate debate in June in which three of the candidates professed they did not believe in evolution.

We’ve excerpted only a part of the article. Click on the link and read the whole thing. Also, we wrote an earlier article about: “Only a Theory” by Kenneth R. Miller.

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2 responses to “Kenneth Miller Speech at Wittenberg University

  1. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Prof. Miller at a relatively small event at the Newton Free Library near Boston. The only point I would like to add is that the ELCA is a mainline Protestant church that tends to be very evolution-friendly. See, for example, the hundreds of ELCA ministers who have signed the Clergy Letter:

  2. Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t aware of that denomination’s attitude, but from what little I’ve heard about Wittenberg University, it’s not even close to being a creationist bible college.