Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (19 Oct)

WE FOUND a truly vacuous, fluffy piece of “news” about Kathy Martin, who represents District 6 of the Kansas State Board of Education. As you know, Kathy is the creationist queen of Kansas, champion of supernatural science, spiritual warrior against the forces of reason, and enemy of the Enlightenment.

It’s difficult for us to conceive how anyone could write a non-judgmental article about Kathy Martin, but that’s what happened at the Topeka Capital-Journal: Martin says evolution debate isn’t completely resolved. Some excerpts:

In her four years on the Kansas State Board of Education, Kathy Martin has seen the yo-yo effect of the board’s conservative-moderate split.

She’s seen the yo-yo effect? She’s seen it? Yes — in the same sense that Osama bin Laden has “seen” the effect of religious fanaticism.

Continuing with the article:

A conservative Republican from Clay Center, Martin actively supported state science standards critical of evolution after sitting through days of trial-like hearings in 2005 with testimony from evolution critics.

Right. Those were great days for creationists. The Kansas evolution hearings, in which the Discovery Institute played a prominent role, made Kansas the center of the creationists’ war on reason. Kathy and her board ended up adopting new science standards for Kansas which literally changed the definition of science so that it could accommodate supernatural explanations.

As a result, every witch-doctor, shaman, sorcerer, soothsayer, clairvoyant, and creationist was legally a “scientist” in Kansas.

More from the article:

The state board backtracked … after the moderate or liberal faction regained control nearly two years ago — not that the evolution issue is likely to forever go away.

“Somebody called it the elephant in the room,” she said in July. “I don’t see that as ever completely being resolved.”

We agree. The controversy will continues long as some creationists are in positions of responsibility, instead of vocations more compatible with their intellectual abilities. In Kathy’s case that would be junior assistant to a scullery maid.

Kathy has an opponent in the upcoming election — one who opposes creationism in the state’s science classes. The same newspaper has an article about him: Renner blames ‘radical right’ for slide in quality of education. He seems okay:

Christopher Renner couldn’t stand the idea of incumbent Kathy Martin not facing opposition in the general election.

We’ll soon see how things turn out.

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