Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (28 Oct)

WE PROUDLY present you with a load of News You Will Never Use, which we — due to our tireless efforts on your behalf — have unearthed in Kansas.

At the website of the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission you can click on Campaign Finance, and from there you can find View Submitted Forms & Reports. That’s the page to go to if you’re a Kathy Martin fanatic, because from there you can click on State Board of Education: 2008 Election Cycle Forms & Reports.

Then, at long last, you have threaded your way through the cyber labyrinth constructed by Kansas bureaucrats, and if you scroll down a bit you can find a clickable list of reports filed by candidates, including the beauteous and brilliant Kathy Martin, the creationist queen of the Kansas wheat fields.

To spare you the agony of going through what we did, you can just click here to find a pdf file which is Kathy’s report of receipts and expenditures, dated 27 October 2008 (but actually signed on 25 October). It starts out with a summary, disclosing that Kathy raised almost $13.7K, but frugally spent only about $8K, putting her nearly $6K ahead for her efforts. Who knew that politics could be so rewarding?

Then there is a surprisingly long list of contributors, and at the end (page 24) is a list of expenditures, which are all tiny except one (for almost $5.6K) to pay for letters, signs and postage. We were not motivated to study the details of this disclosure form, but we glanced at the first five pages of the contributors’ list. A few people contributed $500, but those were exceptions. Most contributions were much smaller.

If we were operating a creationist flim-flam outfit, we know where to find a good sucker list.

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2 responses to “Kansas Creationism: Kathy Martin Update (28 Oct)

  1. Noteworthy: if you look at her total contributions for both of her KSBE campaigns, 2004-present, 63% of her contributions come from outside her constituency.

    And what is “Central KS Revival,” and why did it give her $100? (p. 19, 10/10/08)

  2. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams says:

    And what is “Central KS Revival,” and why did it give her $100?

    I’m sure it’s from a group with an interest in “good science” education. “Good” meaning lots of emphasis on Noah’s Ark.