John Freshwater Trial Update (29 Oct)

THIS TRIAL resumed yesterday, as we reported here: John Freshwater Trial Update (28 Oct). Today, in the Columbus Dispatch we read Mount Vernon principal, superintendent didn’t call police after boy complained of burned arm.

Excerpts, with bold added by us:

The principal of Mount Vernon Middle School testified today that both he and the superintendent should have called police or children services in December after a student’s family accused an 8th grade teacher of intentionally burning the boy’s arm with an electrical device.

So the defense can argue that the alleged “cross burning” incident was seen as trivial at the time. Here’s more:

Freshwater, who is accused of misusing the electric device, teaching religion in his classroom and disregarding the district’s orders, has contended that he is being fired because he refused to remove a Bible from his desk.

Okay. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Continuing:

When asked why [he didn’t report the incident], White said his first charge when he was hired two years ago was to improve school morale, “to make sure the building came together… and not split apart,” after the firing of an administrator there.

White said that student lesson plans and other regulations were given a lower priority.

Lame. Nobody looks good here. Another excerpt:

In hindsight, he [White] said, he would have done more “from day one.”

Yes, but we have to deal with what happened. One more excerpt:

Freshwater has testified that he used the device on more than 600 students in his 21 years of teaching here. On Tuesday, he testified that he took the device home with him and has not returned it.

We hope he’s not zapping his dog.

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