Kansas Citizens for Science

WE DIDN’T KNOW this group existed: Kansas Citizens for Science, which is embarrassing, because we’re in touch with the people who run similar groups in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana — the current “battleground states.” Well, it’s never too late to learn.

They’re posting the results of a questionnaire they sent out to the candidates for the state Board of Education: Kansas State Board of Education Candidates Answer Questions on Science. Ten of the eleven candidates answered. The silent eleventh is Robert Meissner — the creationist running against Carolyn Campbell in District 4.

The first question they asked is amazing:

1. As a State Board of Education member, which of the following organizations would you trust to inform your decision-making in regards to science? Check all that apply.

a. American Association for the Advancement of Science ____
b. The Intelligent Design Network ____
c. The National Academies of Science ____
d. The Discovery Institute ____
e. The American Institute of Biological Sciences ____
f. Answers in Genesis ____
g. The National Science Teachers Association ____
h. The Institute for Creation Research ____

They’ve posted everyone’s responses. Kathy Martin, beauteous and brilliant, checked each one! And here’s Question 5, with Kathy’s answer:

5. Do you have any other comments about science education you would wish to share with the voters of Kansas?

We should not limit scientific information or data whether it refutes or supports a theory that we believe in – if we censor scientific information we are not helping to discover true answers. Some natural phenomena can not be proven 100%. It is best to be objective and open minded in such cases.

Oh yeah, teach the controversy!

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4 responses to “Kansas Citizens for Science

  1. Glad you’ve heard about KCFS – we’re planning to celebrate our 10th birthday soon. It’s been pretty active in the state, and has provided advice to folks in other states about how to get their own Citizens for Science groups set up.

    If nothing else, I hope this reassures the Curmudgeon that not all Kansans are enamored of Kathy Martin & her cronies!

  2. “Glad you’ve heard about KCFS – we’re planning to celebrate our 10th birthday soon.”

    I never put all the clues together. Curmudgeons can be slow sometimes.

  3. Diana Christenson

    KCFS is not known for balance; one of their key players, Liz Craig, was famous for stating that her goal was to make candidates appear in the “harsest light possible” and to portray them as “ignorameses” etc.

    Hardly a way to persuade people; in fact Harry McDonald would probably on the School Board of Kansas if he had not been linked to their group.

    They have a number of outspoken atheists, like Robert Madison (a former board memeber of their group) who will jump all over anyone expressing theistic sympathies.

    Of course science does NOT equal atheism, or even imply it, but try stating that on their discussion board. Even thinkers like Ken Miller and Francis Collins get derided by some of these jokers.


  4. Diana Christenson

    By the way, KCFS is a 501 c 3 entity.