Kathy Martin Slyly Slings Slime

WE’RE SHOCKED … SHOCKED! But we’ll keep our emotions under control and just give you a straightforward report.

Kathy Martin, the creationist queen of Kansas, is not only brilliant and beautiful, but she’s also incredibly gracious, as can be seen by reading this article in the Hutchinson News: Martin says challenger’s homosexuality shouldn’t be an issue.

Excerpts, with bold added by us:

Kansas State Board of Education member Kathy Martin said Wednesday that her challenger’s sexual preference should not be an issue in the District 6 race.

By a curious coincidence, we recently posted a link to A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices. After the link, we provided an example of a rhetorical device, which was the very one used by Kathy:

“We shall not mention your ignorance of this topic.” (That’s Apophasis, also called praeteritio or occupatio — asserting something by pointedly seeming to pass over, ignore, or deny it.)

It’s good to see that Kathy is using time-honored techniques. Here’s more from the Hutchinson News article:

She said she hasn’t mentioned anything about Renner’s sexual preference during any interviews or forums during the board race.

“That’s a private affair,” Martin said. “I think his privacy ought to be respected.

Yes, my friends [said the Roman senator] I shall not make an issue of my opponent’s incestuous ancestry, or his cowardice, or his numerous personal failures. These disgraceful matters should not be a part of this campaign, and I will not speak of them. We Romans are above that sort of thing …

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2 responses to “Kathy Martin Slyly Slings Slime

  1. Diana Christenson

    Why is it “slime” to say his sexual preferences should not be an issue?

    If, for example, and I am not referring to the subject in question, an adult man prefers [EXPLICIT MATERIAL DELETED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT STUFF] whats the big deal?

    Are you saying it is something to be ashamed of?

  2. Dearest Diana: Either: (1) you are unable to grasp the point I made about Kathy’s behavior; or (2) you get it but you have delusions that you can spin my rather explicit words in a way that no rational person would read them. Whatever is going on with your posts, you’re never going to be happy here.