Creationist Wisdom — Example Ten

WE CURMUDGEONS are, as you know, non-judgmental, sensitive, compassionate, caring-sharing people, with ooey-gooey feelings and a touchy-feely attitude. We embrace diversity and practice togetherness. Our fondest hope is that we’ll all get along and everything will be nicey-nicey and fuzzy-wuzzy.

In accordance with the foregoing bold statement of intellectual principle, it’s only fair that we present the other side from time to time. Thus, for your well-rounded education, and because we’re not afraid to “teach the controversy,” we now offer you the view from Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the most financially successful creationist operations around. They are the creators of the world-famous Creation Museum, where you can go, if you wish, to forget all that you have ever known, and start a new and wondrous life as a young-earth creationist.

The folks at AIG have a news section, titled “A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint.” If you go there, and scroll down to the third item, you will find: It may not be dinosaurs living side-by-side with humans, but it’s close! They provide a link to a news article which they then quote from and discuss.

[WARNING: We haven’t verified AIG’s source, but we always advise doing so when dealing with creationists.] Anyway, here are excerpts from the AIG “news from the biblical viewpoint” page, with bold added by us:

A series of photographs published by the Telegraph document African villagers who enjoy a “startlingly close relationship” with local crocodiles. The villagers believe the crocodiles are sacred and feed them chicken — no doubt a key to keeping them happy (or full) enough to allow the villagers to “play and do chores just yards from them.”

Okay, some villagers somewhere in Africa hang out with crocodiles. So what? We read on:

The news is also quite relevant to the creation/evolution debate, because of our often-mocked belief — which comes straight from Scripture — that dinosaurs and humans coexisted (at first peacefully) all the way back to the Garden of Eden. This is from a straightforward reading of Scripture that clearly teaches that humans and dinosaurs were both created on Day 6 of Creation Week.

Aha! More proof for the creationists! Darwinism is doomed! Here’s another excerpt:

Of course, while many dinosaurs were always plant-eating, the diets of other dinosaurs went from herbivorous to carnivorous after the Fall. This is the perhaps the most salient basis for evolutionists’ mockery of our human–dinosaur coexistence claim, even though humans inhabit the same world as many dangerous carnivores even today!

Ah yes, the Fall. It explains so much. Here’s a bit more, from the article’s end:

Thus, the scenes of the African villagers mingling with the crocodiles corroborate that humans could have lived alongside (or nearby) even carnivorous dinosaurs. The original “magical place” where that happened was the Garden of Eden, before any animals had turned to carnivory.

Suddenly it’s all clear now. How could we have been so blind?

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10 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example Ten

  1. The Anti Atheist

    Hey curmudgeion, kiss my ass.

  2. We welcome our new creationist fan.

  3. Sure, he spelled your name wrong, but his logic is iron clad.

  4. retiredsciguy

    AA sez, “…kiss my ass.”

    Surely a good Christian such as AA must be referring to the kind that Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

  5. Scripture tells about the washing of visitors’ feet, but this request to kiss a visitor’s tush must be a new custom peculiar only to creationists.

  6. Well, I guess that AA fellow taught you a thing or two, with unassailable geometric logic, no less.


  7. Yes, longie. That’s the advantage of presenting both sides. (And turning the other cheek.)

  8. Wow! I didn’t know that “THE FALL”, which I had previously thought was only to explain “ORIGINAL SIN”, and only affected humans, also caused previously herbivorous dinosaurs to become carnivores! AIG says:

    “Q: Did God create animals to eat other animals?
    A: No, God did not make carnivores at the beginning. When God first made the animals, He instructed them in Genesis 1:30 that they were to eat plants. In other words, they were to be vegetarian originally. Genesis chapter 1:29 teaches that humans were also to be vegetarian originally…While the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly when animals started eating each other, it’s obvious this happened before the Flood.” ( )

    I’m a bit confused. Why did “THE FALL” cause god to make some creatures carnivores and others not when before, everything being herbivore was “very good”. Why/when did god change some animals and not others. AIG says, “sin changed everything”, and why not. Seems rather capricious to me.

    Anyway, I don’t see how “African villagers mingling with the crocodiles ” has anything to do with anything. After all, humans have been living alongside other carnivores like dogs and cats for millenia. I don’t see them advancing that argument as proving Adam & Eve mingled with dinosaurs.

  9. Roger says: “I don’t see them advancing that argument as proving Adam & Eve mingled with dinosaurs.”

    You have so much to learn.

  10. The Curmudgeon says: “You have so much to learn.”

    You’re right. I’m just trying to keep an optimistic view of the human race. And having difficulty doing it.