Creationist Wisdom — Example Eleven

ONCE MORE we bring you the view from Answers in Genesis (AIG), a fount of creationist wisdom. They have this educational article: The Key to the Age of the Earth, which we offer for your consideration.

The author of this gem is said to be Dr. Terry Mortenson, impressively described as follows — but observe that his doctorate in isn’t in geology, but rather, the history of geology:

Dr. Terry Mortenson is a well-known speaker, researcher, and writer. He earned his doctorate in history of geology from England’s University of Coventry and his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He worked for 25 years in Eastern Europe and other countries for Campus Crusade for Christ.

He begins by stating the problem. Excerpts, with bold added by us:

I have noticed a strange phenomenon in books written by Christians who say they believe the Bible but who attempt to squeeze millions of years of earth history into or before the six days of creation described in Genesis 1. Most of these Christians ignore the account of Noah’s Flood in Genesis 6–9 and its implications for understanding the geological history of the earth.

Okay, now what?

We need to realize that for the first 1,800 years of church history virtually all Christians believed that Noah’s Flood was a global catastrophe. It was not until the early nineteenth century that Christians began to abandon this belief, as deistic and atheistic geologists developed new hypotheses of earth history involving millions of years.

That was when the Enlightenment began to gain momentum, although the author’s history is surprisingly weak — he’s off by a century. See: James Hutton (1726 – 1797), the father of modern geology.

More from this brilliant article:

These old-earth geologists didn’t do any experiments to show whether the Flood waters could have produced these rock layers. And because they didn’t pay careful attention to Scripture, they had inaccurate views of the duration, violence, and complex nature of the Flood. One result of their theories was that people began to believe that Noah’s Flood didn’t happen, or that it wasn’t global, or that it left no surviving geological evidence.

Darn, he’s right! No one has ever experimented with a global flood. This is a serious defect indeed. Back to the article:

So, either the rock record is the evidence of millions of years, or it is largely the evidence of Noah’s Flood. It can’t be both. If we believe what the geological establishment says—that the earth is billions of years old and shows no sign of a worldwide Flood—then that belief contradicts our belief in Noah’s Flood. If we accept God’s inspired, inerrant testimony regarding the Flood, we cannot logically believe in millions of years. Noah’s Flood truly washes away millions of years.

Decisions, decisions. One more excerpt:

The debate about the age of the earth is ultimately a question of whose word we are going to trust: the all-knowing truthful Creator who has given us His inerrant book (the Bible) or finite, sinful creatures who give us their books that contain errors and therefore are frequently revised.

Well, there you are. The choice is yours.

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7 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example Eleven

  1. retiredsciguy

    SC, in all of your many hours of reading this creationist stuff, have you come across any explanation of the mechanical processes by which a Great Flood could actually lay down vast layers of sedimentary rock, all of which vary from place to place around the earth, and many of which pre-date any forms of life, as revealed by the absence of fossils. Moreover, do they have any explanation for the existence of wind-deposited sandstone sandwiched between layers that are clearly water-deposited, such as those easily observed at the Grand Canyon?
    I suppose the creationists’ refusal to accept observational evidence is why it is called “blind faith”.

  2. retiredsciguy

    One more thought — it’s really a shame that creationists such as Ken Ham with his Answers in Genesis crew and the Discoveroids don’t stick to their areas of expertise and try to determine such things as what language God used when he spoke to Adam and Eve, where Cain found a mate, the location of Abel’s grave, etc. and quit confusing the rubes with their preposterous versions of geology.
    I mean, The Great Flood? C’mon! Use a little common sense, people! Rain comes from water that evaporates from the ocean, then eventually flows back to the sea, right? Students learn that in 4th grade. So if the whole earth were flooded, where did all that water come from, and more importantly, where did it all go? It couldn’t have flowed back to the sea, because the whole earth WAS the sea! Maybe a hole opened up and it all went down into a hollow earth.

  3. retiredsciguy says:

    … have you come across any explanation of the mechanical processes by which a Great Flood could actually lay down vast layers …

    You didn’t read the article very carefully. The author points out that we’ve failed to experiment with a global flood. Coulda happened just that way, but we have no evidence.

  4. Hmm. Since the creationists are the ones hypothesizing a global flood, seems like they should be the ones responsible for the experiment. We should probably be keeping tabs on whether the Discoveroids are placing orders for vast quantities of bottled water, since they say they are all about scientific method.

  5. I always like it when someone is up front with their adherence to ignorance, it tells me they have consciously decided to become a joke and a clown not worth doing anything more than expressing contempt at.

    I’m sure at gatherings attended by these twits they play a rousing game of ‘I’M MORE IGNORANT THAN YOU’. The prizes must be amazing.

  6. “I’m sure at gatherings attended by these twits …”

    There’s always someone who’s making a living off of the situation. He’s not as dumb as the others.

  7. So, either the rock record is the evidence of millions of years, or it is largely the evidence of Noah’s Flood

    False dichotomy. It could have also been a literal, worldwide flood that took a really, really long time, was metaphorical, and didn’t have water or Noah or God, but it did have a world. Whew. I think I just broke my mind. Way to go, me!