Texas Creationism: Poll of Professional Scientists

CREATIONISTS dominate the Texas Board of Education, but in academia they’re not getting any traction. In the by Austin American-Statesman we read Civil liberties group’s study shows nearly universal academic support for teaching evolution. A few excerpts, with bold added by us:

With the State Board of Education set to discuss revisions to science curriculum guidelines for Texas public schools this week, the Texas Freedom Network, which describes itself as “a nonpartisan research and citizen education organization that works on issues involving religious freedom, civil liberties and public education,” has released a study of Texas biology professors showing that 98 percent believe that modern evolutionary theory is largely correct.

The creationists will be screaming “Censorship!” Here’s more:

TFN [Texas Freedom Network] hired University of Arlington sociology professor Raymond Eve to perform the study. Eve sent a 59-question survey to all the biology and biological anthropology faculty members his research team could find — 1,109 — at all 35 Texas public universities plus the 15 largest private institutions. Some 464 professors responded, a response rate of 45 percent.

That’s a good rate of return in such matters. Continuing:

92 percent of faculty members say that intelligent design, which holds that some intelligent agent intervened in the creation or evolution of life, should not be presented as scientifically credible in a public school classroom.

95 percent of faculty members would prefer to teach only evolution in science classrooms. (Here’s hoping they have time for a few lessons about photosynthesis, anatomy, and the like.)

94 percent of faculty members say the weaknesses of evolutions suggested by intelligent design proponents are not valid scientific objections to evolution.

And nearly 80 percent of faculty members believe that emphasizing “weaknesses” of evolution would substantially harm students’ college readiness.

That’s impressive. You can read the entire survey here — but it’s a busy-looking site with big pics.

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4 responses to “Texas Creationism: Poll of Professional Scientists

  1. mightyfrijoles

    You can count me as #465, not that that would affect the outcome.

  2. Evolution is taught in the BIBLE.The serpent/caveman is its pincle design.Here is the missing link.Cain is the seed of the serpent/caveman.His family tree is portrayed in Genesis chapter four.Adam’ family tree is portrayed in Genesis chapter five.These two seperate and distinct gene-pools crossed in Genesis chapter six. THANK YOU D’S

  3. mightyfrijoles

    Whoever is in charge of passing out sandwiches is doing a real shitty job lately.

    Are they going to make it rain on my picnic too?

  4. Can’t please everyone.