Creationists Respond to Texas Evolution Poll

YESTERDAY, we reported about a poll of college-level teachers, showing 98% support for teaching evolution. The professors rejected both creationism and creationism’s closeted love-child, intelligent design. Our report was here: Texas Creationism: Poll of Professional Scientists.

That poll was taken in reaction to the creationist-dominated Texas Board of Education, which is planning to keep the creationism-friendly provisions of that state’s education standards.

Today, the Texas papers are all reporting this news. We’re especially interested in the creationists’ spin, so we’ll be quoting some of their reactions. In each of the following excerpts, the bold was added by us:

In the Dallas Morning News we read 95% of professors in study back teaching of evolution alone in Texas public schools:

New science standards are expected to be approved early next year by the education board, where a majority of members have voiced support for retaining the current mandate to cover both strengths and weaknesses of major scientific theories, notably evolution, in science courses.

This is something we’ve been doing for over 20 years in Texas, and we should keep doing it,” said board chairman Don McLeroy, R-College Station

Ah yes, Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist. See: Texas Dentist’s Jihad Against Evolution.

Moving along with more creationist reactions, in the Houston Chronicle we read: Most Texas profs support no limits on evolution teaching. To find a worthy authority to speak against the poll results, that news organ turned to the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids):

Public school students should be exposed to all sides of the evolution debate, said Casey Luskin, a spokesman for the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, a conservative think tank that advocates the teaching of evidence for and against evolution in public schools.

It’s a facade to pretend that there are no scientific weaknesses of evolution, and not teaching the scientific weaknesses to students will prevent them from learning about the facts of biology, and it will harm their critical thinking skills,” Luskin said.

He downplayed the survey of Texas scientists.

This self-selecting survey shows just how ideological the Darwinists have become because they are now resorting to scientific votes to reinforce a climate of intimidation that shuts down scientific criticism of evolution,” Luskin said.

Yes, a “self-selecting survey.” Except that it’s a survey of those who know what they’re talking about. As we reported yesterday, the survey was sent to “all the biology and biological anthropology faculty members his research team could find — 1,109 — at all 35 Texas public universities plus the 15 largest private institutions.”

In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram we read Texas biology professors see little controversial about evolution, survey shows:

Casey Luskin, a program officer at the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that advocates teaching students to analyze “strengths and weaknesses” of evolution, said fewer than half of the 1,019 faculty members contacted for the survey responded.

“It’s a self-selecting survey,” Luskin said. “There’s a well-documented culture of intimidation that makes scientists uncomfortable expressing their doubts about Darwinism. This just serves to reinforce that climate of intimidation.”


Luskin said the Discovery Institute does not seek to mandate the teaching of intelligent design in schools, but instead just wants a closer look at evolution.

There it is. Professionals know that intelligent design and creationism are scientifically worthless, and don’t belong in the science classes of public schools. Opposed to them appear to be two factions, but they’re really part of the same team: the followers of Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist, and the Discoveroids in Seattle are all dancing to the same tune.

Who will win? Never underestimate the combined power of ignorance, stupidity, and madness.

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9 responses to “Creationists Respond to Texas Evolution Poll

  1. Quoth Luskin, “There’s a well-documented culture of intimidation that makes scientists uncomfortable expressing their doubts about Darwinism.”

    Ah yes, the Global Darwinist Conspiracy™ that has prevented a single piece of data refuting evolution from entering the annals of peer-reviewed scientific research. The folks who faked the Moon landing and pulled off 9/11 as an inside job are pikers compared to us, pikers!

  2. “Ah yes, the Global Darwinist Conspiracy™”

    We’re good! Little do they know that deep in an unmarked bunker in Area 51 we’ve got all the evidence disproving Darwin. That’s also where we keep the long-suppressed carburetor that gets 100 miles per gallon, the holy grail, and the log from Noah’s Ark — in Noah’s own handwriting.

  3. Luskin appears to become stupider with each new pronouncement. I find it hard to believe myself, considering where he is coming from, but it certainly seems to be the case.

  4. Casey is a blogger’s dream. All I need to do is quote the guy.

  5. Dr. A. E. Edgeworth

    I believe there are many flaws in most people’s thinking today about this issue. They do not separate Darwinian theory from science. There are many scientists today with advanced science degrees from major universities that believe the flaws in Darwinian theory are so great they cannot be repaired. To equate this theory with science I believe is to not only dishonor those who take opposing views in the scientific field today, but also many of the founders of the fields of science who did not accept Darwinian theory.
    Dr. Werner Gitt, a German information scientist, developed scientific laws concerning information.

    [huge deletion]

    Are there any life forms clearly in transition today? No. Is there fossil evidence it happened in the past? No. If someone were to beam in the DNA from one human being from outer space, the scientists at SETI would go nuts. That would be absolute proof there is intelligence out there. It would actually be better proof there is not a lot of intelligence on this planet.

    In Search of the Truth,
    Dr. A.E. Edgeworth
    4027 S. Hemlock Ln.
    Mt. Morris, MI 48458

  6. Your comment is pretty much the same thing you posted as a comment at this site:

    I see no reason why my blog should host what is essentially a spam essay that you’ve already posted elsewhere. So I’ve deleted the bulk of your comment.

  7. mightyfrijoles

    I think there’s a good chance that Dr AEE’s progeny will be the chimpanzees of a million years hence.

    Curmy’s and Miss Piggy’s will inherit the Earth. Sad, but true, humans are currently in “transition today” as are all other species that do not become extinct.

  8. I used to be on a site where they allowed people to spam the same pro-creationist essays in every new thread. Management there was a bit crazy, but think of the spamming creationists — stuck in a rut of cutting and pasting over and over again. Anyway, we won’t have any of that here.

  9. I found it interesting that while the two articles that quoted Casey Luskin identified him as being from the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank (one did say it was a conservative think tank), they both missed noting that DI is a bastion of ID and very anti-evolution. An uninformed reader of these articles might get the impression that Casey was an authoritative defender of fair play instead of a totally biased agent with an agenda.