Creationist Wisdom — Example Thirteen

TODAY’S EXAMPLE comes from California’s Ventura County Star, in their “Letters” section. They have several on the topic of evolution. We were attracted to the second letter, which they’ve titled: “Intelligently designed.”

As is our custom with such matters, we’ll copy the letter in its entirety, omitting only the writer’s name and city. We may add a bit of bold — and sometimes color — for emphasis. We’ll also add our own commentary between the quoted paragraphs. Here it is:

Meeker [who wrote an earlier letter to which this is a response] states that we should teach the most modern and constructive science in our public schools. He goes on to say that evolution is the state of the art of our natural sciences.

I have one question for Meeker. It’s the same question I always ask anyone who states that evolution is truth and intelligent design is folly. How does evolution explain the scientifically proven fact that although there are more than 6 billion people on the planet today, no two people have the same fingerprint, eye print, dental record or heartbeat? And although there is no way to prove it, I’m sure the same thing could be said for all of mankind throughout history. Each one of us is unique.

Where is this going? Stay with us:

If evolution were truth, this would be mathematically impossible. Since evolution is based on cell replication, and my genetic line has absolutely no bearing on anyone else’s genetic line, eventually there would have to be duplication. It is a mathematical certainty.

Mathematical certainty! This guy thinks he’s Captain Queeg!

Let’s read on:

Intelligent design, however, answers this question very simply. Each of us is a descendant of the same two people, and each of us is programmed with an extremely intelligently designed software or genetic code. This software stamps each of us with unique identifiers, similar to the UPC coding on items in the grocery or retail store, but infinitely more complex. It is not random duplication or replication but very intelligently designed software.

Whoa, baby! Eeeyoweeee! We never heard that argument before. Here’s the end of the letter:

I look forward to Meeker, or anyone else, responding to my question. I have asked the same question many, many times. So far, I still haven’t gotten a logical answer.

[Name and city omitted]

There are times, dear reader, when we can’t think of a thing to say. It’s probably best to say nothing.

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2 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example Thirteen

  1. I believe you mentioned the term ignoramus in another post. Why must evolution be required to prove that fingerprints are different? I believe that’s called an epigenetic phenomenon that isn’t even related to DNA. Hence the fact that the police aren’t going to arrest the wrong twin from a fingerprint found at a crime scene.
    Developmental biology combined with something along the lines of chaos theory, cellular automata or fractal geometry could give better insite than evolution on that front.

    Also, if the human species varied in only 300 (simple on off) genes, that gives us 2^300 variations. That’s comes to a number 2 followed by 90 digits. Or about 10 billion times an estimated number of atoms in the visible universe. You can explore that space quite easily without repeating in the past few billion years. Of course, we humans have closer to 40,000 genes, so I suspect that more than 300 vary.

    Finally, genes don’t encode what effect the environment will have on gene expression. In other words the final organism expressed by a specific genetic encoding can come out in different ways, depending on what happens to it. When you clone a tree, no one expects the new tree to look identical to the original tree. Likewise, friends and family of twins can often tell them apart by looking at them even if strangers can’t.

    But, none of this has anything to do with the truth of evolution.

  2. “I believe you mentioned the term ignoramus in another post. Why must evolution be required to prove that fingerprints are different?”

    Eeee-vooo-luuu-shun can’t tell me why mah baby done lef’ me, so I believe in creationism.