Louisiana Creationist Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Ambitions

YOUR Curmudgeon was so concerned about the irrational behavior evidenced by governor Bobby Jindal‘s signing Louisiana’s so-called “Louisiana Science Education Act” — a wretched, anti-evolution, anti-science, pro-creationism piece of legislation — that we posted this Open Letter to John McCain, urging Senator McCain not to select Jindal as his running-mate. (As they say — Be careful what you wish for … .)

Although Jindal was left out of the recent Presidential election, we haven’t heard the last of him — or his creationism. The Times-Picayune, published in New Orleans, has this article: Gov. Bobby Jindal is burnishing his national rep. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Facing a serious-minded Democratic president-elect, many in the GOP are looking for a serious-minded leader of the loyal opposition. The more time Palin spends trying to live down her campaign season wardrobe excesses, proving she’s a regular gal by scooping out moose chili on camera, and still — still — struggling to answer questions on policy, the more she inspires the question: Who else have the Republicans got?

The good news for Jindal is that, with the GOP forces in Washington depleted, demoralized and defensive, all eyes are on Republican governors.

It takes a lot of nerve for an okra eating, gumbo-slurping journalist from Louisiana to scoff at moose chili. It appears that the Times-Picayune doesn’t care for Sarah. Nevertheless, they know it won’t be easy for Bobby:

His competition doesn’t just come from Palin, who, like Jindal, at least offers some badly needed diversity.

There’s also Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a runner-up for the vice presidential nomination, who had the foresight to urge his party to focus more on bread-and-butter issues important to the group he calls “Sam’s Club voters.”

Pawlenty is also a creationist. We saw him on Meet the Press (or one of those shows) declare his belief in intelligent design. We read on:

There’s also Florida’s Charlie Crist, South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, Utah’s Jon Huntsman, and even Mississippi’s Haley Barbour — although he carries baggage from his former career as a lobbyist.

Crist hasn’t declared his position on creationism. Sanford definitely favors creationism. See: McCain’s Possible VP Choices — Creationists? We don’t know about Huntsman or Barbour. Continuing:

And don’t forget a pair of former governors who ran for president this year and are still hanging around, Massachusetts’ Mitt Romney and Arkansas’ Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee was one of those who raised his hand when the candidates were asked if they didn’t accept evolution. Romney seems to be sane on the subject. One more excerpt:

Here at home, [Jindal has] already burnished his conservative credentials by passing a school voucher bill. He didn’t lead or even initially favor the Legislature’s effort to roll back the Stelly income tax increase, but he knew enough to go along and claim credit. He even signed a bill critics say could lead to the teaching of intelligent design, which could be more controversial outside of the South.

Right. “Could be” controversial. Except among those who like their leaders to be mindless. There’s more to the article, so if you want to get started early on all the Presidential action four years hence, click over to the Times-Picayune and take a look.

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