Creationism in South Dakota, and More!

YOUR CURMUDGEON has stumbled upon another creationist front organization, part of the never-ending campaign waged by civilization’s adversaries to ensnare us in their deranged vision of theocratic utopia.

Maybe everyone else already knows what we found out today, but it was news to us. Our discovery began innocently enough. In the Madison Daily Leader, of South Dakota, we read IDEA organization starts here. Excerpts, with bold added by us:

Two films will be shown at the Madison Public Library to introduce area residents to the concept of intelligent design and create some awareness of a local IDEA chapter that has formed here.

Madison resident Don Parker has chartered a local chapter and is looking for interested individuals to join. IDEA stands for intelligent design and evolution awareness. “It’s promoting freedom in science to go where the evidence leads,” Parker said.

That started us thinking. This Parker fellow isn’t just another guy getting messages through the fillings in his teeth. He has a local chapter. That means there’s a whole bunch of these outfits. Let’s read more:

Parker, who has authored seven books, became aware of the concept of intelligent design two years ago, and it is a central theme in one of his books.

Only two years ago? It doesn’t take long to become an expert in creationism. Well, why should it? There isn’t much to learn. But who is recruiting these people?

The first IDEA chapter formed in 1999 at the University of California-San Diego. The IDEA Center was formed three years later by college graduates from the original chapter. Since that time, 40 clubs have formed on four continents, and 25 of those chapters are on university campuses.

Is this an independent cult, like the Raelians, or do they coordinate with the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids)? Let’s see what we can learn with a little bit of internet search …

Aha! They have a website: IDEA Center. And whaddaya know — it’s the Discoveroids! Just another tentacle of the Seattle octopus.

Here’s one more excerpt from the Madison Daily Leader:

While the concept sounds like an argument for creation, Parker says it’s more than that. Creation has a religious theme that says everything was created by God. The theory of intelligent design says a higher intelligence had to be responsible for certain things, but it doesn’t define what that higher intelligence is.

Yeah, yeah. Same old stuff — “We’re really not creationists. Honest!”

Right. We believe you.

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2 responses to “Creationism in South Dakota, and More!

  1. Would it surprise anyone that the first IDEA Center was founded by Casey Luskin as an undergraduate?

  2. A local guy teams up with like-minded folks to start an ID club…sort of a paranoid delusional version of Old School.