War on Christmas and “What’s in Your Underwear?”

THIS IS that time of year when several different headlines seem to run together; and what is usually your Curmudgeon’s own topic becomes intermixed with the peculiarities of other people. So it is this morning, when we find ourselves ensnared in the “war on Christmas.”

In Utah’s Salt Lake Tribune we read A carol for Chris Buttars: ‘We Wish You a Happy Holiday’. We’d like to give you some excerpts from the story, but that paper is owned by Media News Group, and they’re suing bloggers who excerpt their stories without permission. So you’ll have to click over there to read it for yourself. We’ll paraphrase a bit:

Utah state Senenator Chris Buttars (R) is fed up with the “war on Christmas.” We’ve made clear in earlier essays that we usually don’t care about anyone’s religion. That’s true of Chris Buttars’ religion as well as his other personal attributes. But we don’t want to see his private idiosyncrasies waved in our faces, and we certainly don’t want any of them rammed down our throats. So why are we bothering with this article?

It’s because Chris Buttars is a name that pops up on our super-secret Curmudgeonly radar screen from time to time. As that Wikipedia article says:

During the 2006 General Session of the 56th Utah State Legislature Buttars sponsored S.B. 96, which would have required the Utah State Board of Education to “establish curriculum requirements that stress that not all scientists agree on which theory regarding the origins of life, or the origins of the present state of the human race, is correct …

We often find that a person’s goofiness isn’t limited to just one subject, and Mr. Buttars illustrates that principle very nicely. He seems to run around Utah behaving like an intellectual flasher, showing off what little he’s got, and for the moment what he’s got is a bad case of war on Christmas.

But regardless of his latest issue, he’s definitely one of the “in your underwear” crowd that we talked about here: Creationism and In-Your-Underwear Politics.

Hey, Senator: Your Curmudgeon wishes you Happy Holidays!

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4 responses to “War on Christmas and “What’s in Your Underwear?”

  1. On the plus side, how great is it that we can severely annoy severely annoying people by simply wishing them a good “holiday”!

  2. used to be a Christian nation…

    [Deleted a couple of sentences.]

  3. Persnick, I edited your comment. It might have offended some here, and I don’t want to encourage religious arguments. Nothing personal, just making life easier for myself.

  4. Whew! TY I thought it was because I spelled something wrong.