We’re Doomed — Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Evolution

WE HAVE never before descended into the primal muck of daytime television — except for news channels. Nevertheless, your Curmudgeon is vaguely aware of a show called “The View,” which features four fools babbling and shouting at one another, as an audience cheers, applauds, breaks wind, drools, and does whatever else it may be that such audiences do.

In addition to our natural aversion to daytime TV, we don’t mess with YouTube. That’s because we regard it — rightly or not — as the tool of chattering teenagers.

Notwithstanding our avoidance of both daytime TV and YouTube, after conducting our morning news sweeps, we saw so many references to this same topic that couldn’t avoid clicking on a YouTube link. It was everything we expected. And less! Despite our long experience with creationists, we were stunned by what we heard.

So here it is, for your weekend pleasure. Go ahead, click on this link and learn how genuinely stupid the world really is.

Do it! Now! You know you want to …

“The View”–Elisabeth Hasselbeck Attacks Evolution

Okay. Now that you’ve seen it, and heard it, contemplate what it means. That’s a popular show. Those ladies are well-paid for their performances. Millions of viewers watch it faithfully, every day. And they vote.

Yes, we’re doomed. Thanks, Intelligent Designer!

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2 responses to “We’re Doomed — Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Evolution

  1. Cranky Old Git

    Sorry, the stupid was too much for me. I could only watch 30 seconds before my poor brain cells went into melt down.

  2. Cranky Old Git, to millions off women watching daytime TV, she’s William Buckley.