“Origins” — A Promising New Website

YOUR Curmudgeon has news of what should be another useful resource — it’s a new blog. We know, there are millions of blogs, but considering the people behind this new one, it won’t be just another blog. It’s from the writers and editors of Science Magazine.

Science has the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general-science journal. It’s published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which was founded in 1848, and is the world’s largest general-science society; with some 262 scientific societies and academies, serving 10 million individuals.

In this article: Announcing Origins, Science’s New Evolution Blog, dated 09 January 2009, Science tells us:

If Charles Darwin had had a laptop, he probably would have been a blogger — so eager was his desire to disseminate and discuss his ideas with the world. In this spirit, Science yesterday launched a new blog, Origins. Via weekly posts, our writers and editors, as well as guest researchers and blog readers, will share their thoughts, not just about the origin of species but also about key nodes throughout the evolution of life, just as Darwin did. Our bloggers will be introducing the people and processes behind the research, as well as other “Origins” themes. We welcome your comments and your feedback.

Here’s a link to the new blog: “Origins”. Click on over there and check it out. We’ll be adding this to our daily news sweeps, in our never-ending efforts to make our own humble blog timely and informative.

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