Creationist Wisdom — Example 22

WE ARE DELIGHTED to present to you, dear reader, another example of creationist wisdom. This letter to the editor appears in central Mississippi’s Hattiesburg American, where we read Evolution is theory not fact. We’ll omit the author’s name, but he describes himself as a reverend, and so we’ll refer to him according to that calling.

The rev’s letter concerns the legislation pending in Mississippi, about which we reported here: Mississippi Creationism: Textbook Sticker Law. He begins by referring to an earlier letter, to which the rev’s letter is a response. Here are some excerpts:

In the Jan. 18 letters to the editor, Eric Dahlen expressed concern about a bill that would require a disclaimer to be affixed to every textbook taught in Mississippi that discusses evolution. Obviously Mr. Dahlen wants evolution taught as a scientifically proven fact, regardless of millions of Americans, many Christians and hundreds of scientists who do not believe in it.

Such noted scientists as Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe have declared that the Darwin Evolution Theory is absurd. They show their findings through microbiology, mathematics, computer technology and fossil records.

Fred Hoyle was an astronomer, not a biologist. Chandra is also an astronomer, and was Hoyle’s student. The two of them wrote a book claiming that life on earth arrived from some extra-terrestrial source. We seriously doubt that the two produced any “findings” in microbiology or fossil records. Let’s read on:

They declare that the chances of random chemical shufflings in some primordial soup producing the complex basic enzymes of life are only one to 10 to the 40,000th power, or one followed by 40,000 zeros! So much for the “facts” of evolution.

Two astronomers cooked up a calculation about the origin of life. That settles it, right? We continue:

Evolutionists have been battling so far successfully to keep the creation account of the origin of the universe from being taught along with the evolution theory, so that students can make an intelligent choice. Now they want to forbid even the mild disclaimer that “evolution is a controversial theory,” on evolution textbooks. What are they afraid of? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

It gets tiresome to keep pointing out that the theory of evolution has nothing to do with the origin of the universe. As for students making “an intelligent choice” about such things — they can’t. They’re high school students! They’re not qualified to make professional-level judgments like that. They’re supposed to learn the best that science has to offer, not to choose between competing theories.

Were high school students asked to choose between the Steady State and Big Bang theories? No; that was done by astronomers and cosmologists. However, back when both theories were viable, both were taught. Now that professional scientists have decided the matter, no one teaches the discredited Steady State theory in high school so the kiddies will have the “academic freedom” to choose the universe they prefer.

Similarly, if there were a viable scientific theory to compete with evolution, that too would be taught. As for the rev’s question of what we’re afraid of, the answer is simple — We’re afraid of theocrats destroying science education.

Oh yes, the rev asks: “Whatever happened to freedom of speech?” Nothing yet, rev. We’re waiting to see if this stupid sticker law is passed. Then we’ll let you know.

Moving along now, and skipping a bit, we come to the rev’s final paragraph. It’s such a beauty that we’ll take it one sentence at a time:

I urge you, Christians and others interested in freedom of speech and fair play, to let your voice be heard to support this disclaimer bill.

Tell it, rev! If you love freedom of speech and fair play, then encourage the state to mandate a deranged warning sticker on science texts.

We have had evolution and a host of other things forced on our children, and now we are reaping the harvest.

The rev doesn’t describe “the harvest,” but we assume he blames all evil in the world on evolution.

I do not deny evolutionists their freedom to teach what they believe to be true.

Right, as long as the theocratic state can slap warning stickers on anything you don’t like.

I demand the same right.

You’ve got it, rev. No one is asking for any warning stickers on your sermons.

The rev’s letter ends with a prayer, so we’ll let it go without comment.

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3 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 22

  1. Love this site, some of the comments of creationists make me laugh.
    Perhaps all science books should have a label then, to make everything fair, all religious books would have to have a similar label, including the bible, the koran, (or is it qoran), etc.
    Thanks for all the work you put in.

  2. Thanks for the comment, John.

  3. “hundreds of scientists who do not believe in it”
    LOL! I’m assuming that includes the DI and creation “scientists”?