Florida’s Ronda Storms Wants Prayer in School

SHE’S BACK! Everyone’s favorite Florida creationist — it’s Senator Ronda Storms.

In the St. Petersburg Times we read: Let the high schools pray, Sen. Storms says. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Never one to shy from controversy, state Sen. Ronda Storms has filed a bill that would let high schools “permit the delivery of an inspirational message, including a prayer or invocation,” at optional events and ceremonies.

Like student assemblies, football games and, perhaps, graduations.

Ronda is a one-woman Constitutional wreaking crew. Here’s another excerpt from the article:

The goal, according to the bill language is “to provide for the solemnization and memorialization” of such events. It takes steps to ensure that schools may still discipline students for unprotected, inappropriate and disruptive comments, as well.

This year, she’ll outlaw blasphemy. Next year she’ll authorize witch burning. Ronda is on a mission. This is a link to Ronda’s bill: SB 1360. It’s short, so we’ll give you the entire text:

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. Section 1003.4505, Florida Statutes, is created to read:

1003.4505 Inspirational message.—

(1) District school boards are authorized, but not required, to permit the delivery of an inspirational message, including a prayer or invocation, at a noncompulsory high school activity, including a student assembly, a sports event, or other school-related activity, if a majority of the participating students request the delivery of an inspirational message and select a student representative to deliver the message.

(2) The purpose of this section is to provide for the solemnization and memorialization of noncompulsory high school events and ceremonies. This section shall not prohibit a school or school official from disciplining students in regard to unprotected speech or behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive.

Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2009.

The article also points out that Florida recently had a similar school prayer arrangement declared illegal by a Federal court. See this court order against the: School Board for Santa Rosa County, Florida. By the way, that order is dated 09 January 2009 — one month ago.

Go for it, Ronda! This should be even more fun than your war against the Dewey Decimal System. See: Florida’s Ronda Storms: Much More Than Creationism.

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8 responses to “Florida’s Ronda Storms Wants Prayer in School

  1. Flames!! Out of my head!!!
    She is a stupid dumb f**k!!

    …if a majority of the participating students request the delivery of an inspirational message…

    3 branches of gov’t Rhonda!! 2 of them ARE MAJORITY RULE – #3 is NOT!!!!

    The Judicial branch protects the minority from being oppressed by the majority -you stoopid B*TCH!

    Sorry Curmy.

  2. Here’s her e mail address – in case anyone is interested in giving her a basic civics lesson.

  3. I take it she decided to leave the Dewey Decimal system alone for now?

    Bring back Truck Nutz, I say!

  4. Stacy says: “Flames!! Out of my head!!!”

    A strong reaction, but justified.

  5. retiredsciguy

    She really hasn’t thought this through. Who’s going to be allowed to write the prayer? Or more to the point, how would she prevent the devil worshipers from writing the prayers? Or God forbid, the Catholics?!?

    Of course, she realizes her bill doesn’t stand a Holy Ghost of a chance of passing. She’s just playin’ to the Peanut Gallery.

    It’s reassuring to know Florida doesn’t have any serious problems, allowing the legislators to amuse themselves with bills designed to save our souls from eternal damnation. It is nice, though, that she wishes to solemnize the state’s high school football games. They seem to be the most important part of education in Florida.

  6. Who do you think you are the same laws allow you to make stupid comments to a worth while cause God is still looking to save you all.

  7. When we were in school we prayed everday beore meals with our Teacher in line at the classroom door. I was in 5th grade when my teacher Mrs. Jackson told us “we were going to do something different today” and we had a moment of silence. I wondered why then now as an adult I know that she probably was threatended with her job. This is a horrible world we live in because of atheist like Madlyn O’hare which thank God he has taken care of that hurdle. Every day I wish it would be over for me because of the stupid beleifs of people who are ignorant If you prayed a little bit this would not be an issue. But then I think I would be as bad as you if I ended it. Removing prayer from school was the beginning of what we get today and only those who beleive and follow him will prevale.

  8. Teeda says: “Every day I wish it would be over for me …”

    Hope you’re feeling better. I suggest you find another website at which to hang out. This one obviously doesn’t suit you.