Creationist Wisdom — Example 23

WITH DARWIN’S BIRTHDAY so near at hand, we thought we’d present to you, dear reader, another example of creationist wisdom. This letter to the editor appears in the Morning Sentinel of Waterville, Maine: Churches that celebrate Darwin are not churches.

As we usually do in such matters, we’ll copy the letter in its entirety, omitting only the name and city of its author. Naturally, we’ll be adding some Curmudgeonly commentary in between the letter-writer’s paragraphs.

Here we go:

What started in 2006 as “Evolution Sunday” has blossomed into “Evolution Weekend.”

This year it will be observed Friday to Sunday, to coincide with Charles Darwin’s birthday. It will be celebrated in hundreds of churches all over the country.

The letter-writer is probably referring to this: 2009 Evolution Weekend, which is associated with The Clergy Letter Project.

Let’s continue:

How can churches celebrate the birthday of a man whose theories have brought us eugenics and the Nazi holocaust, as well as causing millions to lose their faith in the Bible? It is foolishness at best, and a denial of the faith, at worst.

Yeah, it’s a rotten deal! Here’s more:

Evolution is incompatible with either Judaism or Christianity. There are only two possibilities: either the Bible is true or evolution is true. They cannot be combined.

One must admire the clarity of the letter-writer’s viewpoint. And now he illustrates that vital point:

If one part of the Bible cannot be taken at face value, how can one know whether the rest of the Book is valid? If Genesis 1-11 is myth and allegory, then maybe the Resurrection and John 3:16 are, as well. Genesis is the underpinning that helps us understand the rest of Scripture. Those churches that celebrate Darwin and his theories have abandoned their purpose for existence and are no longer worthy to be called churches.

Jeepers, the guy’s right! Why should anyone have to think and read at the same time? It’s an outrage! Let’s hear it for the pillars of the earth, the four corners of the earth, and the immovable earth.

And now we come to the last of the letter:

If the churches want to celebrate something that is compatible with their professed beliefs, why not celebrate “Creation Weekend?” And to really be biblically and chronologically correct, why not do it on the day when “God ended his work, . . . and rested” — the seventh day, Saturday, or, as Scripture calls it, the Sabbath. There would be no inconsistency in that.

In our tireless research, we found a few other letters to the editor by the same individual. He seems interested in Adventist causes, which may explain his concern for the Saturday sabbath.

Anyway, now you can contemplate the letter-writer’s suggestion of celebrating “Creation Weekend.” Your Curmudgeon just might do that. Perhaps a trip to the zoo and a visit to the ape exhibit. It’s good to spend time with the family.

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