Project Steve: Total Reaches 1,000

IT KEEPS getting better. The last time we wrote about this was when Project Steve: Total Reaches 900. That’s been surpassed.

At the website of Science News we read Darwin is the 1000th Steve. Here are some excerpts, with links from the original text and bold added by us:

Eugenie Scott is executive director of the National Center for Science Education, an organization dedicated to keeping evolution in the public schools. At the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting, six years ago, she launched Project Steve — a tongue-in-cheek response to a list of Darwin-doubting scientists that another group had collected to challenge the authenticity of evolution. Scott’s parody project encouraged scientists named Steve (or any related name, such as Stephanie, Stephen, Stefan, Etienne or Esteban) to formally endorse evolution.

Let’s read on:

The first year there were 220 signatory scientists. A little over an hour ago, Scott — again at a AAAS annual meeting — announced to reporters that the 1000th Steve had just been added to her list. Later this evening (when his delayed flight from New Orleans finally arrives), Steven P. Darwin — yes, Darwin — of Tulane University’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (and director of its Herbarium), takes the top spot.

Verily, an omen. We continue:

Approximately one percent of Americans are named Steve or some variation of that, Scott says. So the current signatories to Project Steve represent an estimated 100,000 scientists who accept evolution, she contends. And yes, this fete comes the day after Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday.

That tells you the story, but we’ll repeat here what we’ve said before:

The next time some creationist claims they’ve got a “growing” list of “hundreds” of scientists who are abandoning evolution and supporting Intelligent Design, you can inform him that the sane side has more Steves than they have people. And our guys are mostly biologists or do work in related fields — not like the dentists, philosophers, political “scientists,” and such who populate the lists of the creationists. If there really were a scientific controversy, we would teach it.

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5 responses to “Project Steve: Total Reaches 1,000

  1. Perfect! As if we needed more icing on the cake, the list is already above 1,000. As soon as Glenn Branch has a chance to update it after the Darwin Day celebration, there will probably be around a dozen more. And every seven Steves that we get statistically “laps” the DfromD list. Oh, yes.

  2. James says: “As if we needed more icing on the cake …”

    More proof of the Darwinist steamroller. Never was there a greater need to teach the controversy.

  3. Send a copy of the list the Texas Governor, Rick Perry who just reappointed Don McLeroy to the Texas State Board of Education.

  4. Oh! I almost forgot my favorite stat about their list. It’s only got 172 people with degrees in biology or biology-related fields.

  5. James F says:
    “Oh! I almost forgot my favorite stat about their list. It’s only got 172 people with degrees in biology or biology-related fields.”

    And most of those degrees were probably granted by Liberty “University”.