Discovery Institute: Their 2006 Tax Return

IT’S BEEN a few months since we gave you some inside information about the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute and their Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). That’s when we gave you a few good links here: Discovery Institute: Who and What Are They?

In particular, we gave you a link to their 2005 income tax return — the latest then available — which showed contributions of $2,784,188, plus other income (book sales, program fees, etc.), totaling almost $3 million. As thrilling as that was, the Discoveroids’ 2006 return is now available online here: Discovery Institute, Form 990 for 2006. It’s a 34-page pdf file.

Where the 2005 return showed almost $3 million in revenues, for 2006 it’s up to $4,165,847. They may be flunking science, but the money is rolling in. In ’05 they had 27 employees. In ’06, on page 7 of the pdf file, line 90b, they show 51 employees. The creationism business is booming!

Page 5 lists “Current Officers, Directors, Trustees, and Key Employees” and their salaries and expense accounts. We’ve heard of Chapman, and of course Meyer is one of those involved in the Texas science education mess, but we haven’t encountered the other names:

Steven Buri, VP, Salary 84,800, Expenses 14,898
Bruce Chapman, President, Salary 148,000, Expenses 9,332
Eric Garcia, Treasurer, Salary 52,400, Expenses 2,734
Patrick Bell, Secretary, Salary 32,000, Expenses 3,874
Stephen Meyer, VP, Salary 112,500, Expenses 12,003

Page 10 lists “Compensation of the Five Highest Paid Employees Other Than Officers, Directors, and Trustees” as follows:

Bruce Agnew, Program Poli [?], Salary 105,000, Expenses 10,368
Tom Till, Program Dire [?], Salary 105,000, Expenses 2,896
Robert Haney, Senior Fello [?], Salary 93,000, Expenses 8,816
Sig Swanstrom, VP/External, Salary 89,000, Expenses 606
Bret Swanson, Senior Fello [?], Salary 77,000, Expenses 9,451

Immediately below that it says: “Total number of other employees paid over $50,000” and the number given is 11. We assume that’s 11 people in addition to the ten persons listed above. The year before, that number was only 5.

For someone who knows how to read these tax returns, there’s probably a lot more information disclosed here. Alas, your Curmudgeon can’t take much more of this stuff, so we’ll leave it to you to root around for further details.

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8 responses to “Discovery Institute: Their 2006 Tax Return

  1. Sickening. Money actually spent damaging education and our scientific competitiveness. These people are domestic enemies of the United States. Other than that, I have no strong feelings on the subject.

  2. James says: “These people are domestic enemies of the United States.”

    And those who bankroll the cause.

  3. I guess there’s a lot of money in the ‘wool’ business. Fleecing the flock as a vocation looks better and better all the the time.

    Excuse me, I have an incantation to say over some snake oil I am preparing.

  4. Hello! I am a dedicated Creationist, but have started visiting your site because I wish to see my own blind spots. And what better place for that than a site like this.

    Thanks for this article on Discovery Institute.

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD

  5. Dr. Johnson C. Philip says: “Hello! I am a dedicated Creationist, but have started visiting your site because I wish to see my own blind spots.”

    We welcome anyone who comes here to learn. But be sure to check out the Comment Rules.

  6. Dedicated creationist my backside. Sounds more like a troll.

  7. Tundra Boy says: “Sounds more like a troll”

    I Googled his name. He’s real. He might behave like a troll anyway, but maybe not. I’ll give him a chance.

  8. Poor Casey,
    Doesnt even warrent an Apple powerbook, has to settle for a used dell laptop.

    Actually there is a lot of fun information in this document, sadly what they pay Casey for being such a lying troll is missing