Hey Casey!


Gentle reader, we’ve been running a reasonably well-behaved blog here, so we probably won’t leave this post up very long. Nevertheless, we find ourselves unable to resist making the most of the moment.

The image above is one of our relatives expressing his opinion — and ours, and presumably Abbie Smith’s — of the “theory” of intelligent design.

For those not fully aware of what’s been happening, check out our earlier post: Discovery Institute: Casey is Flipped the Bird, and don’t forget to visit the blog of Abbie Smith — the original bird-flipper herself! — who provides a thrilling, minute-by-minute account of this historic event: Casey Luskin.

Are we being immature here? Probably, but that’s okay. Even a Curmudgeon has moments when he reverts to being that 12-year-old boy who dwells within each of us.

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12 responses to “Hey Casey!

  1. Beautiful. Expressive. Fair and Balanced.
    Also, the picture clearly shows our cousin displaying Casey Luskin’s I.Q.

  2. waldteufel, let’s not insult Casey. He’s a sensitive young man who sincerely believes he’s at the cutting edge of a new scientific paradigm.

  3. Insult Casey? Hey what about the poor gorilla? How would you like your intelligence compared to Casey Luskin?

    Don’t take the post down, everyone that visits the blog knows the normal standards and will accept a small deviation.

  4. Tundra Boy says: “Don’t take the post down …”

    I’m starting to like it.

  5. John Phillips, FCD

    The Curmudgeon, from another Abbie groupie I think your gorilla is giving Luserkin the only perfectly intelligent and civil response him and his fellow liars for Jeebus merit. Haven’t been here before but damn, another blog to add to my roll. It’s not fair, there aren’t enough hours in a day.

  6. John Phillips, FCD says: “Haven’t been here before but damn, another blog to add to my roll.”

    Good to see you here. Any fan of Abbie’s is certainly welcome.

  7. Yay! I’m WELCOME here!!

  8. Stacy says: “Yay! I’m WELCOME here!!”

    Yeah, I guess you’re grandfathered in.

  9. Actually, I think you’ve found yourself a new masthead, Curmy. (He says, tongue in cheek.)
    Seriously, though, I’d like to know more about the photo, the photographer, and (I presume) the Photoshopper. It’s a classic!

  10. Nonsense, Luskin’s a shill paid to tell anti-science lies. He doesn’t know enough about science to have an opinion that he should be offering anyone. His beliefs are completely without foundation.

  11. Yep, that would be a great masthead photo, every bit as good as Obsidian Wings’s kitty.

  12. retiredsciguy says: “Seriously, though, I’d like to know more about the photo …”

    I know nothing about the photo. It popped up on a Google search, while doing scholarly research on “flipping the finger” or something. You can find it here, after scrolling down about 1/3 of a page:

    You can also find it here:

    A different pic, same theme, here: