Creationist Wisdom — Example 27

WE PRESENT to you, dear reader, a letter to the editor titled Idea of evolution exists to rid society of God, which appears in the Statesman Journal, from the Willamette valley in Oregon.

This one is so densely-packed with creationist claims that the only way your Curmudgeon can handle it is by inserting a subtle signal after each howler. In this polite way we won’t interrupt the narrative flow of the letter-writer’s work; but you’ll have to read closely to see our signals — they’ll look like this: [Aaaargh!!]

Otherwise, as is our custom, we’ll copy the letter in its entirety, omitting only the name and city of its author. We’ll be adding our Curmudgeonly commentary in between the letter-writer’s paragraphs. Here we go:

Ron Eachus’s Feb. 16 column praising Darwin and evolution and blasting creationists as ignoring “overwhelming evidence,” shows ignorance of actual facts.

That refers to an earlier column that triggered the letter-writer’s response. Let’s read on:

Evolution is an unproven hypothesis [Aaaargh!!], as Darwin, its modern founder, admitted [Aaaargh!!]. He said, though, that field research would turn up fossils. His 200th birthday has passed and there has been no fossil proof of evolution [Aaaargh!!]. Men have searched the earth and even the skies [Aaaargh!!]. No fossil proof! [Aaaargh!!]

Good, huh? We continue:

Nobody has seen evolution [Aaaargh!!], it is not testable [Aaaargh!!], it is not falsifiable [Aaaargh!!], it contradicts known laws of science [Aaaargh!!], yet it has faithful followers. Without doubt, it is a religion. [Aaaargh!!]

Gotta love this guy! Here’s more:

These followers have captured our schools and colleges and allow no controversy. Scientists who disagree (and there are many [Aaaargh!!]) are denied grants and recognition by evolution-controlled boards and societies. Why? Because evolution gets rid of God. [Aaaargh!!]

Moving right along:

Evolution is inherently atheistic [Aaaargh!!]. To not believe the literal, clear story of creation as told in God’s instruction book, the Holy Bible, denies God’s power and man’s accountability to Him. [Aaaargh!!]

And now we come to the powerful end:

So we have a choice: God or Humanism, as personified by evolution. There is no middle ground. [Aaaargh!!]

[Writer’s name and city can be seen in the original.]

There is nothing more to be said.

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5 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 27

  1. mightyfrijoles

    Must be a slow day. 🙂

  2. MF says: “Must be a slow day.”

    Yup. When there’s no news about legislation or litigation, I’ve got to go slumming.

  3. Nice to know that assertion beats evidence.

  4. Yes, Tundra Boy. That’s why I give you alternate viewpoints. To save you from your materialist worldview.

  5. Soooo tempted to invoke Poe’s Law.