New Mexico Creationism: Bill’s Chances Fading

WE’VE REPORTED about New Mexico’s flirtation with anti-science, anti-evolution, creationism-friendly legislation in this post from last month. One of those so-called “academic freedom” bills, Senate Bill 433, was introduced into the New Mexico legislature by Senator Kent L. Cravens.

During the past month there hasn’t been much news or even editorializing about the situation. Now, however, at the website of the Portales News-Tribune, presumably located in Portales, New Mexico, we read Bill protects ‘controversial science’ teaching. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

A measure pending in the Senate Education Committee would protect teachers who want to talk about theories of a “controversial scientific nature,” including but not limited to creationism, its sponsor said.

Right! Great reporting! The bill is all about protecting teachers. [Mumble, grumble …] It appears that journalists’ “skills” are fine for reporting baseball scores, but if the subject they’re writing about requires any knowledge whatsoever, their ignorance and incompetence are apparent to all.

But you want news, not Curmudgeonly complaining. Let’s read on:

“There’s fear that if they say the wrong thing at the wrong time with the wrong student present or the wrong authority present, that there could be some reprisal,” said Sen. Kent Cravens, R-Albuquerque, who is carrying the bill.

What do you get when you combine the intellectual vacuity of journalism with the everlasting dishonesty of creationism? You get articles like this:

Cravens said the bill isn’t meant to be an anti-Darwinism measure.

As they say in the cybersphere: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Here’s more:

“It’s not intended to be,” he said, “It’s just intended to give the teacher the ability to disclose that there may be another way to think about this, whatever subject they are talking about.”

Is there is anyone on this earth so gullible or retarded that he actually believes such creationist nonsense? Probably not, but if such a person exists, then — for his own good and for the protection of all mankind — he should be humanely institutionalized.

Moving along now, we come to the final paragraph in the article, and the only one worth reading:

Such measures have been tried unsuccessfully in the Senate in the past. Its chances of passing this session seem slim; if it clears the education committee, it would go to the Senate Judiciary Committee before it could reach the Senate floor. Seventeen days remain in the session.

There you have it — good news! The legislative session has only 17 days left, and the hopes for this shabby creationist bill are dimming.

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5 responses to “New Mexico Creationism: Bill’s Chances Fading

  1. I’m going to be uncharacteristically sunny and predict that this bill is doomed. Thanks as always for the info.

  2. On our NMSR page for this bill,
    there’s a link to the official LESC/PED analysis of the bill. It ain’t pretty! Bottom line,
    “Finally, the PED analysis suggests that enacting SB 433 would invite litigation.”

  3. Dave Thomas, thanks for the information. Good work!

  4. Thanks, Dave Thomas. Great news! I’ll blog about it sometime over this weekend.