Creationist Wisdom — Example 28

THESE THINGS just keep coming. Today’s example appears in the Daily Times of Farmington, New Mexico, in which we read Reject evolution as religion.

Your Curmudgeon would like to give you some excerpts from the letter, but that paper is owned by Media News Group, and they’re suing bloggers who excerpt their stories without permission. So you’ll have to click over there to read it for yourself.

Essentially, the letter-writer is complaining that although it’s illegal to teach religion in public schools, it’s still legal to teach evolution. He thinks that too is a religion. He claims that Darwin agrees.

He’s quite upset that he and his religious friends are being discriminated against.

The whole thing is rather pathetic, but click over there and give a look. It’s still good for amusement.

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3 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 28

  1. I disagree with you Curmy ….

    It should be ” Aauurrgghh!”

  2. Stacy says: “It should be ‘Aauurrgghh!‘ ”

    I guess it depends on one’s accent.

  3. retiredsciguy

    Stacy says: “It should be ‘Aauurrgghh!‘ ”

    I probably should let B_Sharp speak for himself, but do you suppose he would say, “Aauurrgghh, Eh?”