Creationist Oklahoma Legislator Throws Tantrum

A FEW WEEKS ago, when we reported Oklahoma Creationism Bill Dies!, we thought we’d heard the last of creationism from that state this year.

Well, then there was that embarrassing outburst in their House of Representatives over the visit of Richard Dawkins: Antievolution resolutions introduced in Oklahoma, but that didn’t go anywhere, and it would have been non-binding anyway. Dawkins handled the affair with his customary perfect pitch: Richard Dawkins at the University of Oklahoma.

That left us thinking — Surely there’s nothing else could Oklahoma do to look ridiculous! But we were wrong. Apparently Oklahoma has limitless talent for ridiculousness.

The sponsor of the creationist legislation that failed last month was State Senator Randy Brogdon, a former air conditioning contractor, who “attended” Oklahoma State University School of Technology, where he studied air conditioning. This is his official page at the Oklahoma Senate site: Senator Randy Brogdon – District 34.

Senator Brogdon displays his air conditioning expertise as he blows vast quantities of hot air in the Tulsa Beacon, where we read Senate rejects academic freedom bill. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The longer I serve in the senate the more aware I am that before we can change people’s minds we must first change their hearts. This profound truth was exposed in the education committee last week when the Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act was voted down.

Poor baby! Let’s read on:

I sponsored SB 320 to combat the secular humanistic indoctrination that is taking place in government schools around the country including Oklahoma schools.


Science class is the perfect arena to discuss theories, hypotheses and facts when trying to discover the truth. This bill was written to encourage open discussion on controversial issues without facing possible retribution by the administration to the teachers or from the teachers to the students. Who could possibly be against discussing all sides of the subject matter when searching for the truth? The answer is the teachers union and academia in general.

It seems that only Randy Brogdon knows The Truth and every time he tries to enlighten us he’s being opposed by the forces of evil — and the secular humanists, whoever they are. We continue:

Regardless of the professor’s claim, this legislation will not allow religion to be taught in the science classroom. The bill states that “This act only protects the teaching of scientific information, and this act shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine.”

Randy Brogdon must think we’re all blind. As we pointed out here when his creationist bill was introduced:

[I]t’s silly to say how the bill should be construed, especially when everyone knows the purpose of the bill. If you really don’t want religion to be taught in government schools, then say so, clearly, in language that won’t be misconstrued. Say something like: “This act doesn’t authorize, indeed it prohibits, the teaching of creationism, creation science, or intelligent design as if they were valid scientific theories.”

Here’s one more excerpt from Brogdon’s rant:

I am disappointed in the actions of the professors at Oklahoma University in trying to kill legislation that affects junior high and high school science classes. I am also disgusted with the yearlong one-sided celebration of Darwinism that OU is sponsoring on their campus. The in-your-face promotion of materialism and secularism is way outside the mainstream of most Oklahomans.

What can we say, while still maintaining reasonably respectable standards around here? How about this:

Hey, Brogdon! That’s the most pathetic, self-indulgent, and utterly ignorant pile of nonsense we’ve yet seen from a creationist — and we’ve seen a load of it. Go to your room, and don’t come out until you learn how to behave yourself in adult company.

Update: You gotta see this: Brogdon assessing bid for governor.

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6 responses to “Creationist Oklahoma Legislator Throws Tantrum

  1. mightyfrijoles

    I lived in Oklahoma for a number of years. The Okies left and went to California. Perhaps that’s why California is as screwed up as it is.

    But there are some times (like this one) that I think the Okies were the smart ones.

  2. Keep your eyes on him Curmy, and if he moves again, let’im have it with both barrels this time.

    Nice shooting.

  3. The curmudgeon wrote:

    Surely there’s nothing else could Oklahoma do to look ridiculous!

    Might be time to re-write some Rodgers and Hammerstein lyrics here: “Flurry with the Lunatic Fringe on Top”, perhaps, or “Pore God is Daid”

  4. Tundra Boy says: “Nice shooting.”

    Big, motionless target, close range. Too easy.

  5. Great Claw says:

    Flurry with the Lunatic Fringe on Top

    That’s good.

  6. Brogdon is a John Bircher. He recently sponsored a bill to forbid the state from sharing driver’s license information with any outside entity, including the federal government He doesn’t want our fingerprints ending up in the files of some foreign government as part of the move to one world government.