Florida Creationism Update (11 March ’09)

The anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism bill we reported about here, Stealth Bill Filed, sponsored by Senator Stephen R. Wise, is oozing its way through the legislative process.

The bill is S2396. A click on that link takes you to a page where you can keep clicking to read the text of the bill, but we gave you that in our earlier post.

The important thing to note is that on 10 March the bill was referred to two committees, for which we’ll give you links: Education Pre-K – 12, and Education Pre-K – 12 Appropriations.

The first of those committees includes among its membership not only Stephen R. Wise, who is sponsoring the bill, but also Ronda Storms — who sponsored last year’s creationist bill. Another member is Senator Larcenia J. Bullard, who voted for Ronda’s bill last year. From your Curmudgeon’s archives, here’s a link to this committee’s voting record on Ronda’s bill last year: SB 2692.

Wise is chairman of the second committee considering the bill, and Bullard is a member of that committee too. Last year’s bill wasn’t sent to this committee. Instead it went to the Judiciary committee. We sense some gamesmanship here, but one never knows.

The media in Florida have been virtually silent about this bill. But as the committees get around to their mischief, we should start to see some serious commentary.

We still recommend that the rational members of the Florida legislature should give serious consideration to The Curmudgeon’s Amendment, which is designed to nullify legislation like this.

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