Ronda Storms: School Prayer Bill Failing

BACK in February we reported that Florida’s Ronda Storms Wants Prayer in School. In case you’re not familiar with Rapturous Ronda, be it remembered that she was the Senate sponsor of last year’s Florida creationism bill.

And let’s not forget Ronda’s war against the Dewey Decimal System. See: Florida’s Ronda Storms: Much More Than Creationism. This is one brilliant woman!

Now, the St. Petersburg Times informs us: School prayer bill’s future seems doubtful. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

A proposal to allow prayer and other “inspirational messages” at school events, including student assemblies and sporting events, might be over before it started, after sponsor Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, postponed the proposal’s first Senate committee consideration and later told reporters there is likely not enough time to get it to the floor.

Alas for the children. They’ll be left in darkness! Let’s read on:

SB1360 gives school districts authority to allow the delivery of an “inspirational message,” including prayer or invocation, at noncompulsory high school events as long as a majority of students participating request the message and select a student to deliver it.

This is a link to Ronda’s bill: SB 1360. If you read it, you’ll note that besides authorizing prayer, it also provided:

This section shall not prohibit a school or school official from disciplining students in regard to unprotected speech or behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive.

Prayer, good. Blasphemy — bad. Way to go, Ronda!

The St. Petersburg Times article concludes:

The companion House bill, HB 522, has not yet been heard in committee.

That’s a typo. The companion bill in the Florida House is H533. It was filed by by Brad Drake — yet another legislative genius to watch out for.

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