Curmudgeon’s Secret Identity Revealed!

IN a startling press release issued today, the famed blogger who uses the pseudonym “Sensuous Curmudgeon” revealed to the world that he is none other than Satan himself!

“That’s why I tirelessly promote Darwin’s theory of evolution,” he smirked. “Those creationists I’ve been mocking have been right all along. I can’t make any headway with them; but I really had you science guys fooled!”

This revelation was made by means of a podcast seen simultaneously by millions around the world, as the blogger’s ghastly image suddenly appeared on everyone’s computer screen. It was the result of a long-anticipated and widely distributed computer virus.

Grinning an evil grin and clutching his pitchfork, the Curmudgeon acknowledged that creationism is The Truth, but he said that he fully expected to continue his blogging efforts because “there are always new victims willing to be seduced by reason.”

At the podcast’s conclusion, the Curmudgeon thanked everyone for supporting Barack Obama.

Copyright © 2009. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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15 responses to “Curmudgeon’s Secret Identity Revealed!

  1. John Phillips, FCD

    Happy Satanic Monkey 🙂

  2. …While over at the Discoveroid Institute, Casey Luskin has finally confessed he’s just been fooling us as well! He’s discontinuing his blog in order to join Jonathon Wells in a Peppered Moth population study in Hampshire.

  3. b. j. edwards

    I didn’t realize you were THAT ugly 😉

  4. b. j. edwards says: “I didn’t realize you were THAT ugly ;-)”

    You think that emoticon will protect you from my wrath?

  5. I am amazed Satan has time to blog on a daily basis. Don’t you have fake fossils to bury?

  6. eric says: “Don’t you have fake fossils to bury?”

    I have servants to perform such chores.

  7. retiredsciguy

    Oh, Satanic Curmudgeon! I’m afraid you’re about to be quote-mined, and the cretinists won’t report the date of your quote.

  8. longshadow

    For some of us, this comes as no surprise….

  9. Longie says: “For some of us, this comes as no surprise….”

    And you have knowingly served me well.

  10. retiredsciguy says: “I’m afraid you’re about to be quote-mined …”

    Nah. They’ll continue to quote-mine Darwin.

  11. James, I had to click away from that after two seconds.

  12. Hah! I knew it! Who else would deny the infallible truth of GOD and his BIBLE? Any chance I can buy your computer virus? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell.

  13. Roger says: “Hah! I knew it!”

    Don’t tell anyone!