Texas Creationism: The View From Dover, PA

BACK in late 2005, during the trial of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District trial, those of us who follow “The Controversy” stayed informed by reading stories in the York Daily Record, the local paper for the site of the trial. They provided great, in-depth coverage, and their star reporter was Lauri Lebo.

This morning, while scanning for news, your Curmudgeon thought for a moment we were experiencing some kind of flashback, because we saw this headline: Texas science standards recall Dover intelligent design battle appearing in the York Daily Record. Their website has a new look to it, and today’s article wasn’t written by Lauri, yet it touches almost all the old bases. It’s a long read, and a good one; alas, we can’t give you any excerpts.

We’d like to tell you more about it, but that paper is owned by Media News Group, and they’re suing bloggers who excerpt their stories without permission. So you’ll have to click over there to read it for yourself.

The fans of Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist, and his fellow creationists on the Texas Board of Education, can stop their public spinning. No one ever believed them, and it doesn’t matter now. As we reported here, Bruce Chapman, President of the Discovery Institute (a/k/a the Discoveroids), has already declared the new Texas standards “Perfect! A policy distinction without a difference!

So you’ll hve to click over to the York Daily Record and read the whole article.

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3 responses to “Texas Creationism: The View From Dover, PA

  1. Great find, S.C. Luskin and Behe’s quotes are particularly telling.

  2. James says: “Luskin and Behe’s quotes are particularly telling.”

    Are those guys getting noticeably worse as time goes by, or is our tolerance diminishing?

  3. “…or scientific research will just be shut down.”? Who does Luskin think is doing the research now? The ID guys haven’t even figured out how to do the research, let alone do any.