ICR Sues Over Status Of Creationism Degree

THE Institute for Creation Research (ICR) wants some respect, and they want it now!

In the Dallas Morning News we read: Dallas-based Institute for Creation Research sues state over denial of its master’s program. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The Institute for Creation Research has taken its fight to train future science teachers to the courthouse.

The Dallas-based creationist group alleges that its civil rights were violated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Last year, the state agency denied the institute permission to offer a master’s degree in science education, saying the program did not meet state academic standards.

Gotta love it! A degree in teaching creationism is a civil rights issue. Let’s read on:

Raymund Paredes, the state’s higher education commissioner, has said that the proposed master’s program would not prepare future educators to teach science standards in Texas public school classrooms.

That sounds reasonable. We continue:

Institute leaders have said they would teach both the creationist and evolutionist views, but that their group favors the former.

That’s all there is to the news story, but this article in the the Dallas Observer has what they say is a link to the 80-page complaint. It’s a big pdf file, and we can’t get the link to work for us. Maybe you’ll have better luck, because going through the court’s own site requires registration.

Addendum: Don’t bother with that. You can see all the documents filed in this case at the website of the National Center for Science Education: Institute for Creation Research Graduate School v. Paredes et al.

As we’ve reported before, there may be a legislative “solution” to the problem. It’s HB 2800: “Relating to exempting certain private nonprofit educational institutions from state regulation applicable to degree-granting institutions.” The bill was introduced by House member Leo Berman. It’s been sitting in the Public Education committee since 17 March. This bill would exempt institutions such as the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) from the jurisdiction of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. That board officially certifies the degrees offered by Texas colleges and universities; and the proposed exemption would allow ICR to grant a master’s degree in creationism. No companion bill in the Senate.

Texas has been great creationist theater this year. First it was their Board of Education, then it was (and still is) all the strange action in their legislature, summarized here. And now we have a court contest shaping up. Stay tuned to this blog!

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11 responses to “ICR Sues Over Status Of Creationism Degree

  1. We can only hope that Rick (“Big Hair”) Perry’s mutterings about secession bear fruit.

  2. Texas and Louisiana seem to be engaged in a knock-down-drag-out fight to be the most scientifically benighted state in the nation. At this point, Florida is out of the running.

  3. James says: “Texas and Louisiana seem to be engaged in a knock-down-drag-out fight to be the most scientifically benighted state in the nation.”

    So far, Texas is my favorite this year, because it’s given me so much to write about. But Louisiana is still very much in the running. Wait for the litigation, which is sure to come.

  4. Any chance we can see them in a cage match?

    I’ll take money on Texas.

  5. retiredsciguy

    If the ICR wants some respect, they should be honest and call it a Master of Theology degree.

  6. see
    for links to more documents, background, and commentary.

  7. Thanks, Tony. Good job. I’m working on something along those lines, but now I’ve got to take care not to merely reiterate what you and Schafersman have already done. Everyone’s link to the complaint gives a big pdf image, so we can’t use cut-and-paste, which makes it tedious to quote the complaint. I’ll come up with something.

  8. about the pdf image-only problem, see my comment at

    I’ll wait and hope to download from Steve’s page; but you could also ask John for the file directly

  9. I submitted this before but it didn’t post. Apologies if it shows up again later:

    About the image-only pdf problem, see my comment at

    I will wait to d/l from Steve’s page, but you could also ask John for the file directly.

  10. I suggest readers visit http://www.texscience.org/releases/icr/ICR-lawsuit-analysis-2009April20.htm for a complete list of news articles, reports, and documents about the ICR v. THECB controversy.

  11. Thanks, Steven. A great resource. Keep up the good work!