Texas Senate Refuses To Confirm McLeroy!

Science Tortured in Texas

Science Tortured in Texas

Disclaimer: The dentist in that picture isn’t Don McLeroy; it’s Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man, and it’s used here as satire — okay?

Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist whom Governor Rick Perry has appointed to another term as chairman of the Texas Board of Education (BOE), has just had that appointment rejected by the Texas Senate.

The Austin American-Statesman announces: McLeroy confirmation blocked. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The confirmation of State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy is dead in the water, Sen. Mike Jackson, R-La Porte, said Thursday.

Glorious news! Fireworks! Loud cheers! Here’s more:

Jackson, chairman of the Senate Nominations Committee, said McLeroy will be left pending in committee because there is enough opposition on the floor of the Senate to block his confirmation, which requires approval of two-thirds of the senators.

One more excerpt:

McLeroy, R-Bryan, was first elected to the State Board of Education in 1998 and would retain his seat as a board member even if not confirmed as chairman by the end of the legislative session. Gov. Rick Perry would then pick a chairman from among the other board members who would not face Senate confirmation until 2011.

Think about this. The Texas legislature has salvaged that state’s seriously diminished reputation for sanity. The world watched McLeroy’s obsessively anti-science performance during the Texas Science Chainsaw Massacre. Everyone had access to McLeroy’s personal website, revealing his thinking. For example: Pure Creationism, and also The Mind of a Creationist Dentist.

With full knowledge of who McLeroy is and how he thinks, the governor of Texas re-appointed him to the chairmanship of the BOE. Fortunately, the state Senate has refused to confirm that appointment.

The creationist dentist will retain his seat on the BOE, where others, perhaps even more creationist than he is, will continue to vote as he does. Nevertheless, this is a great victory for reason.

Or perhaps we should say: One small step for mankind, a giant leap for Texas.

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6 responses to “Texas Senate Refuses To Confirm McLeroy!

  1. I’m hoping this really, really doesn’t bode well for the two creationist bills!

  2. James says: “’m hoping this really, really doesn’t bode well for the two creationist bills!”

    It’s difficult to say. McLeroy needed 2/3 for confirmation. Those bills just need a majority. We’ll have to wait it out.

  3. My headache just went away! 🙂

  4. Colloquy says: “My headache just went away!”

    It’ll come back when the Discoveroids start complaining that he was Expelled!

  5. Colloquy, some headaches are caused by a misalignment of the lower jaw because of tooth misalignment.

    Maybe you should see a dentist.

  6. @ b_sharp – NOOOoooooooOO!!