Ben Stein Speaks at Liberty University

A month ago we reported Ben Stein Will Speak at Liberty University. Now, at the website of Liberty University they have this article: Ben Stein Addresses Liberty University Graduates (scroll down a bit to find it).

Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Ben Stein — accomplished scholar, attorney, writer and actor who attended Yale Law School — delivered a message of creationism, patriotism and value for humanity to graduates and their families on Saturday, May 9, at Williams Stadium.

Patriotism, creationism, and Ben Stein. Your Curmudgeon, always a gentleman, will not say that this is a classic case of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s read on:

Stein, 64, spoke of LU founder Dr. Jerry Falwell as a great man and praised the university for its support of Israel, the unborn, family values and morality.

It is a wonderful thing to be in a place where you can say the truth, and one of the truths is that in this country you can say any curse word … on television. The only words you cannot say are God and Jesus Christ — and now I’m in a place where you can say that and not have it be a swear word,” he said.

Life is strange. It seems that Mr. Stein has come home. We continue:

He spoke extensively about his work on “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” a documentary exposing the flaws of Darwinism and showing how the scientific community discriminates against scholars who believe in creationism.

The movie didn’t expose any flaws in “Darwinism,” but let’s not spend our time on that. If you want some useful information, visit this site: Expelled Exposed. Okay, getting back to the Liberty article, they’re quoting Stein again:

“I realized that the real issues of life were not economic issues, not necessarily material issues, but metaphysical issues,” he said, later explaining how looking at life as merely “animated mud” rather than a God-given divine experience could impact human behavior and morality.

According to Stein, those are the choices, dear reader — your life is either animated mud or a divine experience. Which one has Stein chosen? Well, let’s not dwell on that. Moving along:

Though Stein does not share all of the same views as Liberty University, Chancellor Falwell said one of the major reasons he invited Stein to speak was because of his documentary.

We somehow suspected that. And now we come to the article’s end:

When Falwell first announced that Stein would be delivering this year’s Commencement address, he said: “His work in exposing how fraudulent science is being used in this country to destroy freedom and advance tyrannical social and political agendas deserves our attention and respect.”

It’s always good to know who stands for what. Now you know.

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3 responses to “Ben Stein Speaks at Liberty University

  1. “Fraudulent science?” Oh, that’s rich, coming from the head of an institution that teaches creationism as if it were science – which is academic fraud.

    I must bring out the oldies but goodies:

    “If it’s really true that the museum at Liberty University has dinosaur fossils which are labeled as being 3,000 years old, then that is an educational disgrace. It is debauching the whole idea of a university, and I would strongly encourage any members of Liberty University who may be here to leave and go to a proper univeristy.”

    -Richard Dawkins

    “There are people who believe that dinosaurs and men lived together. That they roamed the Earth at the same time. There are museums that children go to, in which they build dioramas to show them this. And what this is, purely and simply, is a clinical psychotic reaction. They are crazy. They are stone…cold…f***…nuts. I can’t be kind about this, because these people are watching The Flintstones as if it were a documentary.”

    -Lewis Black

  2. retiredsciguy

    I clicked over to Liberty University’s website to peruse their course offerings. Seems that one of their main “science” offerings is Creation Studies, which is a required course for all students. This phrase at the end of the course description is informative:
    The purpose of the Center for Creation Studies is to promote the development of a consistent biblical view of origins in our students. The Center seeks to equip students to defend their faith in the creation account in Genesis using science, reason, and the Scriptures.”
    Defend their faith? Against what, the scientific method? Reason? Rationality?

  3. “Ben Stein — accomplished scholar, attorney, writer and actor who attended Yale Law School — delivered a message of creationism,…”

    Well? Has the Discovery Institute objected yet with the usual “No, no, no, ID is not creationism!”? Or do they (as usual) excuse anyone but a critic who makes that “mistake”?