Fla Senate Race: Crist, Rubio & Creationism

FLORIDA may be back in action again. In Ft. Lauderdale’s Sun-Sentinel we read Crist vs. Rubio: Florida’s battle for the soul of the Republican Party. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

[Florida governor] Charlie Crist’s decision to forsake re-election as governor in favor of a run for an empty U.S. Senate seat will make for grand political theater as he battles with former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination.

This involves a lot of party politics in Florida, so we’ll skip everything except what concerns us here:

Rubio laid down the gauntlet last week by declaring: “This primary election will offer voters a front-row seat to a debate about the future of the Republican Party here in Florida and across the nation . . . Together, our campaign will offer Florida Republicans a clear alternative to the direction some people want to take our party.”

What direction is he talking about? Let’s continue:

Rubio is correct. The Florida senatorial primary will put Florida in the middle of the debate on how best to resurrect the Republican Party. Some Republicans are urging a move to the political center. Others insist the party needs to stick to its conservative principles. “Good riddance to Arlen Specter and others like him,” they declare. “Better that we lose elections than sell out our ideals.” But what are conservative ideals?

Good question. Here’s more:

In the struggle for the heart and soul of the GOP, it would be instructive for all Republicans to look for answers in the teachings of the godfather of the conservative movement, the late Barry M. Goldwater, senator from Arizona and Republican standard bearer in the 1964 presidential election.

We’re getting closer to an answer. Moving along:

A Jeffersonian at heart, Goldwater believed in the separation of church and state, and the right of every person to worship as he or she pleased, or not to worship at all. I suspect Goldwater would have railed against “conservative” Republicans who seek to impose their religious beliefs in public school science classes by requiring biblically-based “creationism” to be taught alongside evolution.

Okay, there it is. If that would have been Goldwater’s view, we’re with him. One last excerpt:

Yes, the GOP needs to return to conservative ideals if it is to regain its former glory. To rediscover those ideals, Republicans need to go back to the source.

You can’t go wrong relying on Goldwater. See our: Open Letter to the Republican Party.

Will creationism become an issue in this campaign? Probably. We’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Addendum: To see Rubio’s intense involvement in the 2008 Florida legislative battle over evolution, see: Rubio: Florida House open to legislative fix on evolution in the Florida Baptist Witness.

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4 responses to “Fla Senate Race: Crist, Rubio & Creationism

  1. In order to neutralize the inevitable objection by the DI, I would have added “…and by ‘creationism’ I don’t just mean the ‘6-day-~6000 year ago Creation’ but any scam that misrepresents evolution, including the phony ‘strengths and weaknesses’ and ‘academic freedom’ scams.”

  2. There will always be people who make their personal fortune by selling snake oil. If the folks at the DI weren’t selling their cr^p, they’d be running some other con.

    All we can do is educate the sometimes ineducable about the scams currently being run. The problem is that we have to convince them the scams are scams.

  3. The small quibble I have with your post is that you fail to mention that Rubio has already carried water for the Discovery Institute in the form of legislation, while Crist is highly supportive of Research Universities, even allowing them to raise tuition above caps if they pass rigid marks of excellence in their fields.

    This search is revealing (btw: kudos on getting to the top of the stack early…)


  4. Thanos says: “The small quibble I have with your post is that you fail to mention that Rubio has already carried water for the Discovery Institute …”

    I suspected that, but didn’t have time (or didn’t take time) to verify it when I was posting. So I left it up in the air. As for Google, they almost always treat me well. I don’t know why, but it’s okay.

    I just added a link that discloses Rubio’s efforts in last year’s Florida creationist legislative battle. He was trying to get the creationism bill passed.