Harun Yahya — Islamic Creationist

CREATIONISTS in the US and other Western nations should rejoice that they have so many intellectual comrades in the Islamic world who share their understanding of science. One in particular, Harun Yahya (the pen name of Adnan Oktar), has gained considerable notoriety, and we’ve written about him a few times before. See: Harun Yahya Offers Eight Trillion Dollar Prize!

The website Middle East Online has an article titled On Darwinism about an interview with Harun Yahya. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Adnan Oktar, writing under the pen name of Harun Yahya, is a 1956-born Turkish scholar of interdisciplinary studies and his 216 books on creationism, evolution, Islamic unity, oriental culture and political Islam have been embraced by readers in some 150 countries in more than 40 languages.

Most impressive! Let’s read on:

In September 2008, he rigorously won a bid against the renowned British Professor Richard Dawkins by having the Istanbul’s Sisli 2nd Criminal Court of Peace ban the website of renowned Darwinist on the grounds that he had insulted the personality of Mr. Yahya with defamatory and blasphemous comments.

Turkish justice is different from what we’re accustomed to in the West, but each culture has its own system. We continue:

In an interview with me, Harun Yahya describes that why he is opposed to Darwinism so fervently: “Darwinism faces two great predicaments, the fossil record and its inability to account for how the first living cell appeared,” he describes, “Darwin himself also knew that the fossil record repudiated his theory. He admits in his Origin of Species that the fossil record cannot be explained in terms of evolution.”

Yes, that pesky first cell! Fortunately for the creationists, they’ve got that one all figured out. And then there’s the embarrassing fact that “Darwin himself also knew that the fossil record repudiated his theory.” No wonder he hid behind that long white beard. Here’s more:

Harun Yahya does not believe in the sequence of human’s evolution which was followed by the metamorphosis of apes into human being and denounces it as a devious and false argument: “As well as all the universe and all living things, human beings also came into existence by God commanding them to Be!,” he stresses, “No life form is descended from any other. Human beings were created as human beings and have no common ancestors with apes or any other creatures.”

If this guy ever visits the US, we hope he’ll take the time to see Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. Then he’ll know that his views have a big following over here. Moving along:

Harun Yahya intriguingly believes that renowned dictators of the world believed in Darwinism as the theoretical basis of their atrocities and felonies.


“I realized right from my high school days that all this bloodshed, these world wars, the ruthless exploitation of people and revolutions could not be spontaneous, but that there had to be something behind them,” believes Yahya.

“When I researched it, I saw that all these scourges were organized by freemasonry, and that the religion of freemasonry is Darwinism. There is no materialism without Darwinism, and no communism, fascism, savage capitalism or terror without materialism” he adds.

There’s more to the article. If you’re fed up with “Darwinism,” click over to Middle East Online and learn The Truth.

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6 responses to “Harun Yahya — Islamic Creationist

  1. “the US and other Western nations should rejoice that they have so many intellectual comrades in the Islamic world who share their understanding of science.”

    Oh, I get it! Sarcasm! 🙂

  2. Oh no, Curmy is doing sarcasm again? We tried to break him of that habit a few years ago but it now looks like we didn’t do as well as we thought.

    When Longie see this he’s going to cr*p.

  3. Harun Yada Yada Yada is a tool. He may even know that. His entire purpose (praise the lord) is to fund the world wide spread of creationist mindless talking points (praise the lord). The NA creationists are quite happy (praise the lord) getting all the help they can from outside sources, even this one, despite their hatred of other religions (praise the lord), most notably the one HYYY has attached himself to (praise Allah).

  4. Tundra Boy says: “Oh no, Curmy is doing sarcasm again?”
    I’m so misunderstood.

  5. The article notes that Yahya has 216 books to his credit.

    He must be a very fast typist.

  6. gumlegs says: “The article notes that Yahya has 216 books to his credit.”

    The whole, leather-bound set would make a wonderful gift.