Alabama Creationism Bill: It’s Dead

WE have good news for the weekend. The creationists have lost another one.

Our last report about the creationist legislation in the Alabama legislature was here, on 10 April, when we said:

We checked the bill’s status. It’s still sitting in the Education Policy committee, to which it was sent on 03 February, the first day of the legislative session. Nothing appears to have happened to it since then.

That continues to be the situation. We understand that the current Alabama legislative session ends on 18 May, which is this coming Monday. There isn’t any time for the bill to go anywhere, so we’re declaring it officially dead.

We note that we’re in good company, because the National Center for Science Education is also declaring it dead: Alabama antievolution bill dies. But either they have a date wrong, or we do, because they’re also reporting that Missouri’s bill has died. We think there are still two weeks left in the Missouri legislative session.

But we’ve been wrong before.

Addendum: Clandestine communications are strongly indicating that your Curmudgeon is wrong, and Missouri’s legislative session may have ended today. If so, we’re embarrassed, but also delighted at the double victory for the good guys — Alabama and Missouri.

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One response to “Alabama Creationism Bill: It’s Dead

  1. Sooner or later, Intelligent Design will die out for good, but doublespeak is just never going to go away, is it?

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Democratic Republic of Germany
    Democratic People Republic of Korea
    Peoples Republic of China
    Academic Freedom Act

    Don’t even get me started on The Patriot Act.