Darwinius Masillae, Pravda, & the Discovery Institute

THIS is another article about the creationist reaction to Darwinius masillae, but with a difference. Today we’re writing about more than evolution.

We have previously called your attention to the fact that Pravda Promotes Intelligent Design. It’s true, as we pointed out earlier, that the online publication called Pravda isn’t exactly the same propaganda organ that had once been the leading newspaper of the old Soviet Union; but Pravda Online — from which today’s story comes — is run by former Pravda newspaper employees.

We don’t know about actual linkages between today’s Pravda and the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). Ordinarily, one wouldn’t suspect any. Nevertheless, both outfits are obsessed with promoting intelligent design, which is not only destructive of science, but which we believe to be the advance guard for imposing a theocratic dictatorship over the population thus rendered incapable of rational thought. See: Wedge strategy.

Our suspicions may be either paranoia or prescience. But as we provide you with some excerpts from Missing links that never were (part I), we ask you to consider, dear reader: If we didn’t tell you that this article appears in Pravda, you would undoubtedly assume that it was from the Discoveroids’ blog. Make of that what you will.

The author of this article is Babu G. Ranganathan, whose work we’ve mentioned before. He has a B.A. with a major in Bible and a minor in Biology from Bob Jones University — excellent qualifications for a creationist. The bold font was added by us:

Does the recent discovery of a supposed 47 million year old fossil of a monkey furnish us with a finally discovered “missing” link? The monkey is fully-formed and complete, but it shares similarities belonging to various species. That doesn’t qualify it to be a true transitional form or missing link.

It doesn’t? Then what would? Let’s read on:

A true transitional link or form would be something like a fish having part fins…part feet. This would show that the fins actually turned into feet. There’s nothing like this in the fossil record. All traits of animals and plants in the fossil record are complete and fully-formed. There are no real or true transitional forms (i.e. “missing” links) among the fossils or living creatures for that matter.

That’s the creationists’ comic-book concept of a transitional fossil. There is no doubt among biologists that every creature that lived long enough to become fossilized was a “complete and fully-formed” member of its breeding population. Every creature that produces offspring is transitional, but in a brief time-span there are no visible evolutionary effects. For example, your father is obviously transitional between you and your grandfather, but you’re clearly the same species.

What we now recognize as transitional species were all fully-functional living creatures, but each was a link in the long chain of life between its ancestors and its descendants. If we find a fossil from the middle of a long evolutionary chain, it will have characteristics common to its early ancestors and to its far-distant descendants. But no creature ever had one fin and one foot. The ignorance (or duplicity) of creationists is truly infinite.

We continue:

And evolutionists are not consistent. The duck-billed platypus, for example, has traits belonging to both mammals and birds but even evolutionists won’t go so far as to claim that the duck-billed platypus is a transitional link between birds and mammals!

Incredible! No sane biologist says that the platypus literally has a duck’s bill. Here’s more:

In fact, all of the fossils, with their fancy scientific names, that have been used to support human evolution have eventually been found to be either hoaxes, non-human, or human, but not both human and non-human. Yet, many modern school textbooks continue to use these long disproved fossils as evidence for human evolution. Evolutionists once reconstructed an image of a half-ape and half-man (known as The Nebraska Man) creature from a single tooth! Later they discovered that the tooth belonged to an extinct species of pig! The “Nebraska Man” was used as a major piece of evidence in the famous Scopes Trial in support of Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

This is genuinely stunning. Is the author really that ignorant, or is he so shameless that there are no limits to what he’ll write? We’ve already discussed the creationists’ myth of Nebraska Man, including the falsehood about its role in the Scopes trial. See: Creationist Wisdom — Example 43.

The article goes on and on with additional nonsense, so if you want to see how bad these things can get, click over to Pravda to read it all. Not only that, but we are promised a Part 2 which will soon appear. We can’t wait!

Update: Here’s Part 2: Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Pravda.

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8 responses to “Darwinius Masillae, Pravda, & the Discovery Institute

  1. Carolina_Guitarman

    Pravda online is no better than the Weekly World News.

  2. Carolina_Guitarman says: “Pravda online is no better than the Weekly World News.”

    Yes, but it’s fun to bash the Discoveroids by pointing out their comrades at Pravda.

  3. “A true transitional link or form would be something like a fish having part fins…part feet. ”

    Yes. Clearly we lack any examples of fish with fleshy lobes that are wide and paddle-like enough to propel the fish through water yet strong enough to hold it up on land.

  4. eric says: “[cough]lungfish[cough]”

    But that’s not a TRUE transitional! Check out the No true Scotsman fallacy.

  5. Reading those creationist thingies gave me a headache. I hope the brain damage isn’t permanent. I hope the brain damage isn’t permanent. I hope the brain damage isn’t permanent.

  6. b_sharp (Tundra Boy) says: “I hope the brain damage isn’t permanent.”

    How can I put this? Uh, Tundra Boy … let’s just say that you don’t have anything to worry about.

  7. The Gadfly

    Hindu connection?

  8. The Curmster says: “How can I put this? Uh, Tundra Boy … let’s just say that you don’t have anything to worry about.”

    Thank God. Now I can go back to taking drugs.