Creationist Wisdom — Example 47 (Amazing!)

WE present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Can I Possibly Believe in Darwinism?, which appears in the Alvin Sun Advertiser, of Alvin, Texas (population 21,000).

As is our custom, we will politely insert this subtle signal [Aaaargh!!] after each howler so that we don’t interrupt the letter-writer’s learned discourse. We may apply some bold font for emphasis, and we’ll also be adding Curmudgeonly commentary in between the excerpted paragraphs. The letter is far too long to copy in its entirely, so we’ll give you a few of the more outrageous excerpts. We’ll also omit the writer’s name, but there’s a smashing photo of him at the above-provided link. Here we go:

The reason I keep coming back to this subject [Darwinism, presumably] is because it is a belief system [Aaaargh!!] that tends to diminish morality and respect for human life. Darwinism pretends to give the origin of life [Aaaargh!!], no simple matter, yet proposes no standards [Aaaargh!!], no moral code [Aaaargh!!], no commandments to guide public conduct. [Aaaargh!!] It makes Atheism an attractive choice.

As scientific criticisms go, he’s off to a strong start! Let’s read on:

Though not all Darwinists are tyrannical [Aaaargh!!], a startling fact is that all tyrants (since Darwin’s time) have been Darwinists. [Aaaargh!!]

That certainly is a startling fact. But then, we always suspected Idi Amin of Darwinism. Well, let’s continue:

I asked him [it’s unclear and irrelevant who that might be] two questions:

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” [Aaaargh!!] I received some intelligent sounding double-talk. I told him the Bible says it was the chicken. [Aaaargh!!]

2. “Of all the billions, perhaps trillions of species-to-species fossils that should exist, why has not even one been found?” [Aaaargh!!] He said such fossils had been found, but could not point to one.

There is not even one. [Aaaargh!!]

Powerful stuff! Here’s more:

I’m not going to change the minds of people like my critic, but I may be able to change the minds of Christians who may think that the Biblical account of Creation lacks authenticity. I will attempt that by a comparison of Darwinian theory and Biblical assertion.

The Bible lists Ten Commandments as a mode of conduct for humanity. Darwin suggests nothing remotely similar. [Aaaargh!!]

The Bible describes many events, the most notable of which are the birth of Christ, His death, and His resurrection. These events are celebrated by Christians worldwide, and have been for centuries. Those events are vital to the understanding of human existence and salvation. Darwin alludes to nothing remotely similar. [Aaaargh!!]

The letter-writer lists a few more of Darwin’s “deficiencies,” ending his list, and his letter, with this:

The Bible writers, Jesus, the Apostles, they accepted the Biblical account of Creation. There is no other account that makes any sense! Certainly not Darwin’s. [Aaaargh!!]

I think I understand why Darwin’s theory is preferred by many, though it’s proposed with no history [Aaaargh!!], no scientific evidence [Aaaargh!!], no rule of human conduct [Aaaargh!!]; because, after all, if I accept the Bible version, I have to recognize a Will and Intellect superior to my own. And I can’t have that, can I?

[Writer’s name and city can be seen in the original.]

The letter-writer’s deep understanding leaves us with nothing to say.

Update: For more from the same letter-writer, see Creationist Discovers the Missing Link!

Copyright © 2009. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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23 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 47 (Amazing!)

  1. Curmy wrote, The letter-writer’s deep understanding leaves us with nothing to say.

    I, too, am rendered utterly speechless.

  2. Pliny-the-in-Between

    I wish these guys would just say what they really mean: “Evolution doesn’t tell me how I should act, so it can’t be a fact. Religion tells me what to believe so I do.”

  3. Hey Curmy, I just noticed you’re not twittering.

  4. Colloquy says: “Hey Curmy, I just noticed you’re not twittering.”

    True. Am I missing something?

  5. Well it’s really easy – you might as well – you can update facebook w/ twitter and connect it to your blog etc…

  6. more traffic you know – 😉 – everyone does it!

  7. u can delete these comments if u want i wont mind

  8. Colloquy says: “Well it’s really easy – you might as well – you can update facebook w/ twitter and connect it to your blog etc…”

    I’m not on facebook. I’ve never even visited the site. I thought it was all teenagers. I’m so out of it.

  9. Yes and no. This is so off topic I feel bad talking about it here.

  10. Geez! That creature is from just down the road! Bring in the kids. Break out the garlic.

  11. Rocket Mike says: “That creature is from just down the road!”

    I thought he was the beloved sage of the town.

  12. Tle letter writer wrote: “The Bible writers, Jesus, the Apostles, they accepted the Biblical account of Creation. There is no other account that makes any sense! ”

    Too bad that even the “literal” accounts come in mutually-contradictory versions. And worse, that some prominent anti-evolution activists don’t take them literally anyway.

    Nevertheless, like 99+% of such trained “parrots” the letter writer was careful to use “Darwinism” and not “evolutionary biology.”

  13. I just read the letter, and found this gem:

    “Though Dr. Behe says he is still an Atheist, he maintains that Darwin’s theory about the simple cell is impossible, that the intricacy of the human cell speaks of an Intelligent Design.”

    Actually Behe was exactly who I had in mind as one of the anti-evolution activists who is not a Biblical literalist. I must have missed where he claimed to be an “atheist.”

    Words fail me.

  14. Frank J says: “Words fail me.”

    Permit me to be your guide. The true theory is the one with the Ten Commandments. That’s all there is to it.

  15. Mr Murphy must have been watching too much Edward Current videos lately 😀

  16. Curmudgeon: But anti-evolution activists only follow nine Commandments at most. Even the “don’t ask, don’t tell” antics of the ID variety is technically bearing false witness.

    Carl: Thanks, I was trying to remember his name!

  17. Not only does this guy not understand science and what it says about evolution, he does not know his history, either. Trofim Lysenko was a neo-lamarkian and under his influence Mendelian genetics was labeled “decadent.” So, it would seem that the two Soviet leaders influenced by Lysenko, Lenin and Stalin (a tyrant if ever there was one) were not “Darwinists.”

  18. Frank J,

    Yeah, unless Behe has renounced his faith and I didn’t catch it, the writer might be referring to David Berlinski, who really is more of a wishy-washy agnostic.

  19. On a positive note, at the time that I write this the comments at the Advertiser are unanimously negative.

  20. eric, you’re right. How disappointed the letter-writer must be.

  21. Wow this site really takes mocking and hate for creationists to a new level haha. Well congratulations you have certainly accomplished something!

    On a side note; nearly half of the aaarghhs” were not really necessairy. For example when he talks about darwin not giving a moral code. Yea it was dumb saying that since that’s not the purpose of evolution, doesn’t make it less true Darwin did not give any moral code so quit with the “aaarghs” on that point already, makes up half of em.

    And I’m shocked by the Tyrant thing. Somewhere the author was right.

  22. Hi Anonymous! Yeah, there is a lot of mocking creationists here but, I have seen little of the hate you mention. Mainly what I see is people shaking their heads and groaning at the lengths creationists go to defend their rigid beliefs and their attacks on evolution as the root of all evil. Frankly, I have seen much more hate from so-called “good Christian” creationists.

    On a side note, I find the “Aaaarghs” somewhat annoying too but, they do usually occur where I would be saying “Aaaargh!” myself.

  23. “Though not all Darwinists are tyrannical, a startling fact is that all tyrants (since Darwin’s time) have been Darwinists.”

    Gee, whatever did the tyrants do before Darwin? I think many of them might have been creationists. Since some tyrants abused the idea of creationism, we should throw out creationism also. Face it, tyrants will use whatever gives them a veneer of respectability. They really don’t care as long as it helps them attain the power they want. They will give lip service to Santa Claus or the tooth fairy if they thought it would help.