Creationist Reactions to Don McLeroy’s Fall

BY now you already know the news: Texas Creationist Don McLeroy: Rejected! While rational people everywhere are delighted that Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist, has failed to be confirmed as chairman of the Texas Board of Education (BOE), their reaction is restrained. This is largely a symbolic victory.

McLeroy’s champion, Texas Governor Rick Perry, will be appointing a replacement chairman, and that will probably be one of the other creationists on the BOE. Also, McLeroy will continue to be a member of the board. Therefore, nothing is really changed.

Nevertheless, your Curmudgeon understands what you want to know — How have the creationists been reacting? To satisfy your curiosity, we bring you a small sampling of opinion from that vibrant segment of intellectual universe. In the excerpts that follow, the bold font was added by us.

First, at the blog of the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids), there is this post s by Casey Luskin: Texas Evolution Lobby Making Power Grabs to Promote Their Censorship Agenda. Casey’s title is crammed with creationist spin-words: “Evolution Lobby,” “Power Grabs,” and “Censorship Agenda.” Here’s an excerpt:

In a move that can only be attributed to political retribution, today Texas evolutionists successfully blocked the reappointment of Dr. Don McLeroy as chair of the TSBOE. Practically speaking, this move will change little, as it is almost guaranteed that a like-minded conservative will be appointed in McLeroy’s place to chair the TSBOE. The travesty here is that, to my knowledge, no one has put forth any legitimate charges that McLeroy was not fair-minded in how he chaired TSBOE meetings. If this move will have little practical impact and Dr. McLeroy is a competent chair, why did the Texas evolution lobby push so hard for this ephemeral and pyrrhic media victory? The answer is simple: it’s political retribution from evolutionists who like to expel people whose politics don’t advance their pro-Darwin-only agenda.

You know how Casey’s rants go. We’ll skip most of the rest and give you his final paragraph:

All this amounts to an attempt to take control of the public school curriculum out of the hands of qualified elected officials and taxpaying and voting parents and put it into the hands of bureaucrats. Once the Texas evolution lobby has total vertical control of the curriculum, they hope to then also control—through indoctrination—the minds of the next generation of voters. Perhaps then Texas evolutionists will feel safe returning power to the people.

Power to the people! There’s a classy, left-wing phrase. Well, why not? Casey is a classy guy. So are all the Discoveroids.

The next one comes from the highly esteemed creationist website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). The article is titled: Texas School Board Chairman McLeroy Loses Leadership Post. Most of the article is a straightforward account of how the voting went. But then they say this:

Though the vote failed to reach the majority requirement, the fact that 19 out of 30 representatives voted in support of McLeroy clearly shows that Texans know what they want in public science education: to follow the evidence where it leads and not be hindered by agendas and ideological philosophies dictated by a handful of “experts.”

That is so twisted we can’t begin to unravel it. We’ll leave it as an exercise for you, dear reader.

Addendum: The creationist chat site, Free Republic, has a thread devoted to the AIG article. It’s right here. The comments are hysterical.

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10 responses to “Creationist Reactions to Don McLeroy’s Fall

  1. The Gadfly

    Damn atheist experts.

  2. Somebody’s gotta stand up to the experts!

  3. Whenever you hear a scam artist or their trained parrots whining about “censorship,” just remember that they are 100% free to mislead public school students for ~99.9% of their waking hours (when they’re not learning what little evolution that is taught). Then ask them why THEY censor the REFUTATIONS of their misrepresentations.

    BTW, how can I make text bold or in italics?

  4. Frank J asks: “BTW, how can I make text bold or in italics?”

    The software here isn’t very good in the comments area. No preview, no buttons for formatting, etc. It’s very primitive indeed. HTML codes for bold, italics, and blockquote will work, but I guess you have to enter them by hand. You can add links too, also by hand. No subscripts or superscripts, it seems. Nor underline.

    Testing: strikethrough. That code is [del]xxx[/del]. Use the pointed brackets, of course.

  5. Mental-casey Buskin ranted (my bold):

    …it is almost guaranteed that a like-minded conservative will be appointed in McLeroy’s place…

    Two problems there. (1) Not all conservatives are so ‘like-minded’, at least not outside the USA, and (2) McElroy McLeroy and the Discoveroids are not so much ‘like-minded’ as ‘non-minded’

  6. Great Claw, there are Republicans on the board who aren’t creationists. Pat Hardy is one, and there are a couple of others. Also, there are fiscal and defense conservatives who don’t follow the “no gays-no abortions-Noah’s Ark” line. So it gets confusing. Despite the ghastly party-line vote in the Texas senate on McLeroy’s confirmation, I find it convenient to zero in on creationists and call them by that term.

    Addendum: This is from an earlier post on the Texas Board of Education:

    Regarding the votes, the seven creationist Republicans were: Don McLeroy, Cynthia Dunbar, Ken Mercer, Terri Leo, Gail Lowe, David Bradley, and Barbara Cargill. The three Republicans voting for sane science (pro-evolution) were: Patricia Hardy, Geraldine Miller, and Bob Craig.

  7. Unfortunately, creationism crosses all political boundaries and can’t really be pigeonholed so it’s best to just call them what they are – stupid.

  8. Tony, you let Larry Fafarman comment at your blog?

  9. When he has in the past, I’ve just ignored him, and he went away.

    I wanted to do the reply this time. If he starts coming back, then I would ban him.