Creationist Bobby Jindal: Not Running In 2012?

LAST year we often wrote disapprovingly about Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist. See, for example: Bobby Jindal: Ignorance is Strength.

In Louisiana Creationist Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Ambitions, we wrote that we were so concerned about:

… the irrational behavior evidenced by governor Bobby Jindal‘s signing Louisiana’s so-called “Louisiana Science Education Act” — a wretched, anti-evolution, anti-science, pro-creationism piece of legislation — that we posted this Open Letter to John McCain, urging Senator McCain not to select Jindal as his running-mate.

Perhaps the gods on Mt. Olympus have heard your Curmudgeon’s pleas. If so, their messenger is a source we haven’t seen before. It’s the Digital Journal, which Wikipedia describes as “an international news network where thousands of citizen reporters contribute from 140 countries around the world.” That’s pretty much what their own about page says, so we’ll have to judge them on their work.

Today’s story from that source is Bobby Jindal Calls Halt to Presidential Draft Movement. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

If the Republican Party is looking to groom a rising young ethnic to be the Presidential candidate for 2012, it might likely have to rule out Bobby Jindal. Jindal has asked supporters to end efforts to draft him for a presidential election.

O the joy! Let’s read on:

Jindal has advocated for intelligent design and creationism to be taught in Louisiana schools as part of the science curriculum along with Darwin and evolution. The bill to allow this passed easily with the Governor’s approval in 2008. in spite of entreaties from different science and educational groups opposing it.

Aha! They linked to Barbara Forrest’s fine website, so the folks at Digital Journal are undoubtedly reliable. We continue:

The stance on abortion taken by Jindal has also been among the most conservative views. Jindal, who is Catholic, believes in having no exceptions in denying women the right to an abortion. Abortion rights, presently legal under federal legislation, would be completely abrogated by Louisiana whose state laws deny women the right to an abortion under any condition. It is considered to be the most stringent of anti-abortion bills. Jindal has declared he is “100% pro-life, no exceptions.”

Interesting, but it’s not a subject we blog about. Here’s the last paragraph:

Jindal’s positions reflect conservative values, many of them like those of Sarah Palin, also considered a 2012 Republican Presidential contender, but do they represent the future of the Republican Party? No one knows the direction the GOP might take in 2012, but Jindal says firmly he doesn’t want a draft movement for the Presidency. Some might consider this a reasonable move given his performance after Obama’s inauguration and the fact that his positions on various social issues may not correspond with the rank-and-file voters outside the State of Louisiana.

We don’t know what others would like for 2012, but we don’t want our choice limited to one party for socialism and the other for creationism. That wouldn’t be a choice, but an omen that the American experiment in self-government has ended in failure.

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2 responses to “Creationist Bobby Jindal: Not Running In 2012?

  1. …We don’t know what others would like for 2012, but we don’t want our choice limited to one party for socialism and the other for creationism…

    (rapturous applause!)

    The answer here is clear:

    VOTE CURMUDGEON 2012!!!!

  2. Oh Joy! “Jindal says firmly he doesn’t want a draft movement”. Hmmm, somehow I don’t think that means he isn’t interested in running for president, it’s only that he doesn’t want be prematurely forced into it. Plenty of non-drafted people run for president. Maybe he just wants to wait and see how the “freedom of religion” amendment turns out. If that goes over well in Louisiana, maybe that will translate into support in other parts of the country.