Discovery Institute: “The Pit of Hell”

WHILE searching for information on a scientific topic, we would probably never bother visiting a site like Beliefnet, even if it pops up high on a Google search. We don’t confuse science and religion.

Although we have no quarrel with anyone’s private beliefs, we make an exception for the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). That’s because — as their Wedge strategy discloses — their goal is to transform their religious beliefs into law. That’s theocracy — religious tyranny — and historically such systems have been enforced by techniques like witch burnings, beheadings, public stonings, etc. Thus we keep a wary eye on the Discoveroids’ activities.

But now we also pay attention when Beliefnet pops up in our searches, because we’ve learned there’s a Beliefnet-Discoveroid connection. Beliefnet is the online home of what the Discoveroids refer to “David Klinghoffer’s Beliefnet blog, Kingdom of Priests.” David Klinghoffer, as Wikipedia informs us, is a Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute. As we’ve seen in the case of Klinghoffer’s peculiar obsession with James von Brunn and Charles Darwin, what he writes at Beliefnet shows up at the Discoveroid blog — thus we regard the one as an extension of the other.

That is why we took the time to read When Cultures Collide in “The Pit of Hell”, which appears at Klinghoffer’s Kingdom of Priests. It’s only two paragraphs. The bold font was added by us:

I did a radio interview today with a fellow down in Texas who had a real preacher’s style. Entertaining guy but at one point he asked, letting his voice rise and rise like he was at the pulpit, “David, would you not saaaay that Darwinism is a lie, from its top to its bottom, sprung straight from the pit of Hell!?”

It’s difficult to imagine, dear reader, how a rational individual would react if he were hit with such a question. And we know you’re curious to learn how Klinghoffer handled it — so here it is:

There was sort of an awkward pause. I’m a pretty mild and soft-spoken kind of person. I didn’t want to disagree with him, but I couldn’t quite echo his sentiment, neither the style nor the substance. “Well,” I offered, “that’s not exactly the way I would put, though I like your formulation! What I would say is that it’s a delusion with, um, some very negative social consequences.” I felt bad about having to disappoint him.

David may have disappointed the radio host, but he certainly didn’t disappoint us. What David has done is to confirm — once again — our understanding of the Discoveroid mentality. When asked to agree with the proposition that “Darwinism is a lie, from its top to its bottom, sprung straight from the pit of Hell!”, David responded: “I like your formulation!”

We’re not surprised, David.

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One response to “Discovery Institute: “The Pit of Hell”

  1. David Klingonthingie claims:

    I’m a pretty mild and soft-spoken kind of person

    who pens books with such mild and softly-spoke titles as

    Shattered Tablets: Why America Ignores the Ten Commandments at Its Peril.


    How Would God Vote?: Why the Bible Commands You to Be a Conservative.