Texas Creationism: Cynthia Dunbar Has Opposition

NEXT year’s election for the Texas Board of Education (BOE) is getting very interesting. As we reported earlier, after the Texas senate disgraced Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist, by voting to reject his nomination as BOE chairman, the science-hating, tooth-drilling creationist attracted a challenger in next year’s Republican primary.

But now things are heating up even more. In the Daily Texan, aimed at the students at the University of Texas at Austin, we read: UT math professor challenges current board seat-holder. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

As the Texas State Board of Education election draws near, UT mathematics professor Lorenzo Sadun announced his intention to run for the Place 10 seat against incumbent Republican Cynthia Dunbar.

This should be fun! There’s a photo of professor Sadun at the article to which we linked. Definitely nerd city, but that’s quite all right — in fact, it’s perfect. Why do we say that? Meet Cynthia Dunbar. Let’s read on:

In the 2006 election, there was no Democratic nominee. Dunbar ran against a Libertarian and won approximately 70 percent of the vote. The 2010 primary election is scheduled for March, and Sadun declared last week that he will seek the Democratic nomination.

Can a democrat win against Dunbar? Will the district that elected her even consider voting for someone who can count higher than ten?

We continue:

If Sadun is elected, he will be the only scientist on the board. He said that even though he may encounter opposition from members of the board, he will find a common ground with his colleagues and will pursue agreement without sacrificing the quality of education for Texas students.

We fear that it’s hopeless. From what we’ve seen, Texas doesn’t want rational, educated people in charge of education — they want witch-doctors. Here’s more:

“Intelligent design is fake science,” Sadun said. “It is a religious belief about the creation of the earth and humanity, dressed up in the language of science.”

That’s just in case you were wondering where he comes down on that issue.

Cynthia Dunbar is in the struggle of her life. From her point of view she’s leading the forces of goodness in their spiritual warfare against the evil, drooling hoards of Satan.

The voters will decide. Based on their track record so far, we can’t yet even think about the outcome.

Afterthought: The Battle of Dunbar and Sadun sounds like a warrior legend from the Klingon Empire.

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2 responses to “Texas Creationism: Cynthia Dunbar Has Opposition

  1. I have encountered Prof. Sadun at the TFN blog, and it would be marvelous if he wins. I didn’t realize Dunbar ran unopposed, but I worry that it may have been due to being in a district that wouldn’t elect a Democrat. Then again, if the Libertarian got 30%…. I shall be keeping an eye on this one – if the creationists lose one of their number in favor of someone who will not compromise on their BS (I’m looking at certain otherwise pro-science board members now), it would be a game changer.

  2. jeff saginaw

    I wonder, with their Ipods, cellphones, Twitter, Facebook etc..–are the children of Texas and of the world who embrace the technology and science that brings these things stupid enough to buy into their parents blind belief that the world was created 5000 years ago? This is the same science that put rovers on Mars, replaces hearts and brings satellite TV. To discount the reality of today’s world driven by science would seem folly except to the Creationists who conspire with each other with their cell phones. If it wasn’t so frightening it would be laughable–but I guess we’re not laughing..yet.