Texas Creationism: Lowe Named Chairman of BOE

HOT news! In the Houston Chronicle we read Perry names Lowe chair of state education board. The bold was added by us:

AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Rick Perry has chosen Lampasas Republican Gail Lowe to chair the State Board of Education.

Lowe was Perry’s second choice for the job. He had reappointed Republican Don McLeroy earlier this year, but the Texas Senate rejected him amid complaints that the conservative dentist advocates teaching creationism in public schools.

Lowe is co-publisher of the Lampasas Dispatch Record. Perry says she has shown “exemplary leadership and commitment to the education of young Texans” during her seven years as a board member.

Lowe is a Republican — no surprise there — but she’s not one of the three Republicans who supported evolution without the “strengths and weaknesses” nonsense. No surprise there either.

So it seems that there’s another creationist in charge of the Board. But given the field the Governor had to choose from, it could have been even worse.

Update: According to the Austin American-Statesman in this article: Perry names Lowe to lead State Board of Education:

Board action of the social studies standards is not scheduled until next year, but the temperature has already been turned up as recommendations from some board-appointed reviewers have been released. Lowe appointed as one of the expert reviewers, David Barton, whose critiques of the current standards generated the heat.

Barton is a former vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party and founder of Wallbuilders, a conservative religious group.

We’ve already discussed what we regard as profoundly serious problems with Barton here: Cynthia Dunbar And Her Friends. Therefore, Lowe is also a major problem.

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21 responses to “Texas Creationism: Lowe Named Chairman of BOE

  1. Looks to me as if Perry realised that Dunbar would definitely have been rejected by the Texas Senate so he put in a stooge. Dunbar will be the puppetmaster behind the chair.

  2. I dunno about all this — but I’m not a Texan.

    If this source is accurate (and I can’t vouch for it), there’s still reason to be afraid, very afraid…

  3. Great, Lowe is the one who appointed David Barton to the social studies panel.

  4. Great, and she gets her science from creationist web pages. Wonderful.

  5. 386sx says: “Lowe is the one who appointed David Barton …”

    Got a source for that? I’ll use it next time I post about her.

  6. Good stuff, 386sx. Thanks. But I’d prefer to find some traditional news source. I hate to use blogs as sources, unless it comes from people I know to be reliable — like Barbara Forrest. Something will turn up in the next day or so.

  7. Apparently she appointed him as soon as she became chairman? (I’m not too sure though.)

  8. That’s okay I just found a blogger who said that Lowe’s first act as chairman was to appoint David Barton. Sounds kinda weird like a “telephone game” going on or something. I can see the curmudgeonly wisdom in being cautious with blog reports.

  9. I’m finding a lot, but so far it’s all blog talk. I could join in the chorus, but I’d rather wait until I’m comfortable with the information. It’s the Curmudgeonly way.

  10. *sigh*

  11. Okay, I found a respectable reference in the Austin American-Statesman, so I added an update to the post.

  12. I’m a Texan … Lowe is still unacceptable. Does the Curmudgeon know anything about Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s views in this area? Thinking she may be the best candidate to support to stop the idiocy, but I don’t know enough about her to say

  13. Newcomer asks: “Does the Curmudgeon know anything about Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s views in this area?”

    Nope. Her name has never popped up in any of my searches.

  14. Newcomer: If I were a Texan I’d take my chance and vote for anyone running against Perry. AIUI, Hutchinson is less conservative overall, but as you probably know, that does not guarantee that she’d be any less anti-science. It can’t hurt to email her questions.

  15. Try US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. No “n”.

  16. Thanks Mike. Wish I could claim typo, but nope, I was just wrong.

  17. How can we trust her if she can’t even spell her own name?

  18. From what I understand, KBH is a true fiscal republican. She is pro-choice as well. So, it looks like she believes govt. should be small AND keep out of people’s personal lives.

  19. Rocket Mike wrote: “No ‘n’.” D’Oh! I knew that.

    Amyway, it’s another excuse to say that if we don’t ask candidates the important questions who will? The media asks idiotic questions like “Do you ‘believe in’ evolution?” And the great majority of nonscience politicians – GWB being the classic example – would surely say “teach both sides.” Heck I did too as recently as 1997, at which time I had been a chemist for 20 years and pro-evolution for 30.

  20. Tincy Miller has been reported as being a supporter of KBH. I would take that as a good sign for education under a KBH governorship.