Creationist Wisdom — Example 54

FOR your weekend contemplation, we bring you the view from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — truly the fountainhead of creationist wisdom. They have a strange new article at their website: Martian Lake Still Won’t Lead to Life. That’s a provocative title.

The creationists’ understanding of the cosmos must be awesome indeed for them to make such a forthright prediction. Here are a few excerpts, to which we added some bold font for emphasis:

Evolutionary belief holds as a central tenet that life emerged and developed “naturally,” even though mere natural laws of chemistry and physics are insufficient causes.

So many errors, so little time. Darwin’s theory of evolution is concerned with the emergence and proliferation of species over time. The existence of life on earth is obviously a requirement for evolution, but knowing the precise manner of life’s original emergence isn’t necessary for the theory. Similarly, the science of chemistry functions rather well without knowing the exact origin of matter. As for the alleged insufficiency of “mere” natural laws, that’s a declaration of faith. There’s no evidence to sustain it.

Okay, that was ICR’s first sentence. Let’s read on:

Liquid water is essential for life. Thus, evidence of water on Mars is intensely interesting to those desperate to find the conditions for life somewhere other than earth, since such a discovery would be seen as bolstering evolutionary belief.

“Desperate”? Is anyone out there desperate for such findings? If so, raise your hands. [Curmudgeon looks, but sees no hands.] Does anyone out there want to find life on Mars to “bolster” his evolutionary “belief”? If so, get ’em up. [Again, no hands.]

We’ll skip the next couple of paragraphs. If we bothered to quote them we’d feel obligated to verify or dispute their contents. That isn’t difficult, but for the article’s principal point such material isn’t necessary. Therefore, let’s get right to ICR’s inspiring conclusion:

Considering the scientific evidence from Mars, and especially considering the record of origins passed down to mankind from the Creator in the Bible, it is clear that life was, is, and will remain earth-dependent.

Your Curmudgeon is confused. Our understanding is that astronomers haven’t yet written off the possibility of finding some evidence of life on Mars, even if it’s now extinct. Besides, there’s more to the solar system than Mars, and there’s more to the universe than the solar system. So ICR’s prediction — which goes way beyond Mars — seems a bit premature.

As for scripture — the entire bible mentions the planets only once — in 2 Kings 23:5. According to the King James version:

And he put down the idolatrous priests, whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places in the cities of Judah, and in the places round about Jerusalem; them also that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and to the moon, and to the planets, and to all the host of heaven.

The only thing we’re told about the planets is that it’s idolatrous to burn incense unto them — something we’d never dream of doing. We find no mention that the planets are lifeless, nor do we find any claim that life exists on earth alone. But if the creationists want to make such a prediction, and will let their creation “science” stand or fall on the discovery of extra-terrestrial life, that’s fine with us.

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18 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 54

  1. Of course finding life elsewhere would be a big plus for abiogenesis and evolution, but it is hardly a requirement.

  2. If earth were unique in having life, evolution is still a solid theory.

  3. Jeez, these creationists sure are defensive. I mean, just because their god gets smaller and smaller with every new discovery and has been backed into a cubbyhole so small an amoeba wouldn’t fit, surely isn’t enough for them to lose faith, is it?

    I feel sorry for their god, the nasty scientists are making him/her/it irrelevant.

  4. Tundra Boy says: “I feel sorry for their god …”

    And what of the old gods? What of Zeus, Apollo, Athena, and all the others who once proudly reigned on Mt. Olympus? Am I the only mortal left who mourns their passing?

  5. If life is eventually discovered on Mars, such as a few hardy microbes deep underground, the last remnants of a once-flourishing biosphere when conditions were more favorable, or even the fossils of long-extinct life that died out when Mars lost much of its atmosphere, the Creationists could always claim it was created separately by the Creator. Or that it originated on Earth and was transported to Mars by volcanic eruption or meteor impact blasting rocks into space.

    Myself, I think the Creationists have some big problems explaining Mars already, life or not. Thanks to decades of spaceprobes, we know that Mars has geologic formations similar to those on Earth that the Creationists explain as having been the result of the Flood. Also, Mars has changed drastically over time, as there is much evidence of a denser atmosphere supporting surface water. The questions for Creationists would be: was the Flood solar-system wide, creating the formations on Mars? What catastrophe resulted in the loss of Mars’ atmosphere and surface water and when did it happen? The rovers have shown Mars having sediment deposits that conventional geology indicates must have taken hundreds of thousands if not millions of years to be laid down, but presentday Mars can’t support such processes and looks to have been that way for a very long time. For that matter, why did the Creator even create Mars in the first place? Jupiter might be necessary to keep comets and meteors from tearing up the inner solar system (but why did the Creator make comets and meteors in a well-organized creation that will last only a few thousand years anyway), but what purpose does Mars serve? Most mysterious, if you’re a Creationist.

  6. Deklane asks: “… but what purpose does Mars serve?”

    God of war, of course. What’s wrong with you people?

  7. longshadow


    Nice of you to drop in on the inner Solar system to discuss Mars, from your usual hang-out orbiting the Seventh Planet….


  8. The Gadfly

    Deklane said

    “…Most mysterious, if you’re a Creationist.”

    You cannot possibly comprehend the mind of God, ye of little faith. Not mysterious, but glorious. (/Creationist)

  9. I just follow the creationists.

  10. The Gadfly

    Curmy said:

    “..If earth were unique in having life, evolution is still a solid theory.”

    Of course, but other worlds could well be at different points in progression of evolution of their life forms and could provide huge amounts of additional data for the Evilutionists’ arsenal. This would pertain to early life containing planets as well as very advanced ones. After all, while we are probably not unique, there’s no reason to think we are either primitive or advanced compared to all other planets with life.

  11. That can find all that other stuff in Genesis, but they can’t find the part where Jesus created life on other planets.

    That’s okay, because if anybody ever finds life somewhere else, creationists will deny the evidence for, oh, a few centuries or so, and then they will find the right verses in Genesis where Jesus created other life.

  12. Not a bible scholar myself but I don’t think Jesus is mentioned in the old testament.
    I doubt Mars or anything else is a problem for a creationist as they can simply make up s*** and know they are going to heaven as a result.

    [Deleted the rest. Not what we want here.]

  13. My main concern about the ICR is that they want to give out… *stifles laugh* graduate degrees in… *giggle* SCIENCE!!! Haaaaaaaahahaahaahahaha!

  14. Not a bible scholar myself but I don’t think Jesus is mentioned in the old testament.

    Believe it or not, this is the first mention of Jesus…

    Genesis 3:15 “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

    Os so they say anyway! No idea why, but that’s what they say.

  15. As you know by now I don’t pay much attention to ICR, AIG and other YEC groups’ “wisdom,” except to check for DI reaction, or lack thereof. The DI likes to claim that ID is not creationism, and most DI fellows surely disagree with most of ICR and AIG claims. Even their “token YEC” disagrees with the approach of discrediting “Darwinism” by (mining) “evidence” and quotes to “prove” a young earth.

    So, come on DI guys. Put your money where your mouths are. Tell ICR it’s dead wrong and be done with it.

  16. The ICR concludes:

    it is clear that life was, is, and will remain earth-dependent.

    That’s a dreadful heresy on the Planet Zzqrptqxblrk, where the High Priests are adamant that life was uniquely created on their home world by the Exhalted Poobah of the Universe, the Great God Tprqxzldfgop!

  17. So, come on DI guys. Put your money where your mouths are. Tell ICR it’s dead wrong and be done with it.

    DI wouldn’t dare, for fear of a financial backlash when the passed the plate, er, I mean, “donation jar”… yeah — “donation jar” — that’s the ticket!

  18. longshadow wrote: :DI wouldn’t dare, for fear of a financial backlash..”

    Agreed, which is why it’s up to us to point out to DI fans (at least those that aren’t so hopeless that they’ll excuse anything that bad-mouths “Darwinism”) that the DI has admitted in so many words that ICR and AIG are peddling nonsense.

    Sadly I have to admit that ICR and AIG leaders do a better job than us “Darwinists” at warning their YEC fans that ID does nothing to validate their origins myth.